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I was going to post in this thread about blue but got all worried about the standards of whether it would be a righteous hijack so . . .

I LOVE hot weather. I’m a native Californian and I put my sweater on when the temp drops below 74 degrees Fahrenheit. 75 and up is ideal (upper limit not reached since July 1969, Leesville, Louisiana. I think it was Louisiana.).

One of the things I particularly love about hot weather is that’s when the cicadas come out and sing. However, I live in a place that is not that hot, not hot that often, and home of not very many cicadas. But I heard the first one of the summer today! so I’m happy.

I realize most people don’t like hot weather (so why do they go live in places like Dallas?) and the droning, buzzing sound of cicadas annoys many people. Not me. I love 'em. Bring 'em on.

I guess I could have posted it here, too. Oh well.

Do ya’ll mean crickets?


Earth Wind & Fire still sounds pretty good live. (Today)

Bugs is bugs but them cicadas go to a lot of trouble sleeping to live so short a time.

In Oklahoma and Texas I heard them called locusts and katydids. Never heard them called crickets but they seem to have a lot of different names. The bugs I mean are these critters.

And they live a long time for bugs. Up to 17 years . . . but mostly underground. (If you call that living.)


those are Katydids.

So crickets are different:


And I will gladly give you the hot weather! :cool:

Well so far everything I’ve seen is about Katydids. So, I’m not going to hijack it either.

I don’t care what you call 'em, they’re still ugly.

But tasty!


Field cricket - Gryllus pennsylvanicus

Cicada - Magicicada species

Katydid - Pterophylla camellifolia

Cicadas are dormant for seven years. The Philadelphia Phillies beat them by three. In 1983 and 1993 they won the National League penant. This year they have a really good shot at the wild card.

Are they the bugs that leave their dry carcass shell on trees and take off? When we were kids we would have contests who could find the most. We ran around the neighborhood with bug shells affixed to our shirts.

Big hijack- broke my arm about 3 weeks ago- have an external fixator on my arm-not pc savvy- wish I could post a link so that you could see what it looks like. Typing with one hand is hard. The rods drilled into my bone are big dents around the post sites. Worried that I will never heal- also worried about slipping into a depression.

Speaking of wild cards, why does that expression have to have such a rambunxious (sp?) connotation? Couldn’t you be a relaxed or incidental wild card?

NoClueBoy, this is a katydid. They are green and live on the ground. Cicadas are green, orange, brown, purple . . . and live in trees. Obviously you can call them whatever you want (katydid, cricket, brunch). There is a site with recipes.

Nvme yes, they are the bugs that leave their shells all over the place in the summer. The actual bugs are way bigger than those shells. They grow immediately upon emergence.

I know what that fixator looks like, and they are scary looking. How long will you have it on? Bummer, hope the arm heals well.


Behind the grasshopper?


Right next to the hookah-smoking caterpillar. You did see the caterpillar, didn’t you? (They don’t sing. No recipes for them, either.)