Hiking/running/biking deathmarches

I guess Game Room is appropriate for this.

This weekend I hiked/trail ran a Pemi Loop; 31.5 miles and 9,000 feet of elevation gain in 12:44:33. It was my first time doing this and although I’m not walking very sprightly today I’m happy with my efforts. I’ve done some other long hikes, mainly a few Presidential Traverses which are shorter but have more elevation gain and rougher footing. There are many other killer days here in the Northeast that I’m considering, like the Great Range Traverse or Devil’s Path.

So, what have fellow Dopers done that they want to brag on, lament over, or look for tips on?

Congratulations! After reading a bit about your trail(s), it seems like you made a pretty good go of it. I’ve got nothing like that for distance in a day. My best day was a double summit of Cloud Peak and Bomber Mountain starting and going through 10,600’ between the two. Followed by picking up my pack and doing 12 miles without stopping for even a minute. Boy, I wish I could have my 18-year old strength and energy back.

I did this one in college:


There was only one route back then, the 26.2 mile one.

My older son just got back from 50 miles at Philmont in New Mexico.

I took my younger son on 8 miles at Yosemite this summer (Panoramic Trail). He is only 7, so for HIM it might have been a bit of a Death March.

The North Kaibab Trail, 13.6 miles and about 5500’ of elevation gain. Took about 17 hours to hike, and a couple weeks to recover.

Small potatoes compared to the OP, but I’ll never forget it.

I had dinner with friends after my Pemi Loop and one of them is a woman I mentioned in that Grand Canyon thread. She and her husband have done the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim in a day and they thought I could do if I’ve done this. Granted, they are ultramarathoners, but I took that as a positive sign.

However, if I go out the the Grand Canyon I’d like to attempt a Rim-to-Rim first. :slight_smile:

Three years ago, I did a century ride on my handcycle.

Typical Sacramento Delta spring day-warm and high winds. :frowning:

Started the day with mild winds the first hour but it built to 15-20 an hour later and then 20-25 for the rest of the day. 20-25 mph headwinds.
The route out was more or less into the wind and the return route was a big “S” shape so the winds were from the side. Maybe 10-12 miles of tailwinds total.

I still don’t know how I did the last 15.

The next day winds were 5-8 mph all day.:smack::smack::smack:

C’mon, I managed to cross one of the natural wonders of the world on foot, can’t I feel smug for a little while before someone shows me up?

2,175 miles over six months. I win. :smiley:

Just kidding … the kind of walking ya’ll do is insanely impressive. Even on a thru-hike of the AT, my biggest day was 24 miles.

My goal is to do the Furnace Creek 508 sometime in the next five years (http://www.the508.com/). I have done century rides, and do most of my cycling at high altitude, but I need to start moving onto double metrics, double centuries and beyond to get ready for it.

Wow! That is a monster. I’ve only done a few centuries, I can’t even contemplate something like that.

There is even a category for fixed gear bikes! :eek:

I’ve been wanting to walk 50 km (> 31 miles) since learning circa 1988 that there there is a 50 km walk event in the summer Olympics. I finally did it last year, mostly on a nice flat rail trail. I ended up walking 52 km because I underestimated the trail length. I’m generally a pretty brisk walker but I slowed down to a shifting hobble toward the end and it took about ten and a half hours. It might go faster now because I’ve lost 20 or 25 lb. since then, but I’m not eager to try it again any time soon.

I would like to do the Presidential traverse some day. I may have to wait a few years to forget what the consequences of such a long hike are.

A Presie Traverse isn’t that bad, especially if you just drop off the ridge from Pierce without going to Jackson (it wasn’t named after the President). I think it is easier than a Pemi Loop and the record times (5 hours vs 7 hours) reflect that. The big problem with the PT is rough rock really beats up your legs early on.

In the Whites there’s also a Wildcat-Carters or a Mahoosuc Traverse, both of which are probably harder than a Presie Traverse.

I’ve done some longish hikes in my day… but I can’t compare them to those mentioned in this thread.

There are some really impressive accomplishments listed here. Afraid I have nothing to share beyond one 150 bike, several centuries, some downsized triathalons and a couple of Mount Marathons (short but bloody). Yall’s endurance feats are to be commended.

Hrmm, “short but bloody”. I’ve been called worse.

Just did a Ragnar Relay event (Great River) this past weekend. The distance was 193 miles and we had an 11 member team (supposed to be 12 but one was injured). We finished in just under 26 hours.

It was great fun, and definitely recommend it if there’s one of these events near you! There are 36 legs, and the idea is that each person runs three legs (we obviously had to make up for the injured team member). So you basically pile into a couple of vans play leap frog over the course of 193 miles =D

I agree!! I did The Relay with my running club several times and it’s an absolute blast.
The first year we were there, Dean Karnazes did the whole thing solo.