Hilarious Ping Pong match

Watch what these two guys decided to do during their pro. ping pong match. I’m guessing they did not value the actual match to seriously and just decided to have some fun.

Screw the rules! Let’s do this thing!

All I used to know about Ping Pong is that the game that the pros play is a COMPLETELY different game than what us plebes play in garages and basements.

Now I also know that ping pong players can be funny as hell!

btw, for some great ping pong movies, I can recommend both Balls of Fury (think of it as a ping pong Up The Creek: stupid but with some funny bits) and [Ping Pong Playa](the even more hilarious [url=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0991167/).

Can’t forget Matrix Ping Pong

This a sentance that is rarely said in the course of normal life; " I laughed like hell watching a ping pong game."