Hilarious spam I got today

I think this guy is some sort of e-mail psychic/fortune teller. So remember, if you have any Damn effects, contact this guy.

Heh. Nothing like flim-flammers and snake oil merchants for entertainment. How can you risk opening those things, though? I just delete them on sight.

Well, I’m a computer dude, I have all the spam (about 100 messages a day) in our office sent to my account, it winds up in a Junk box in my Eudora e-mail program. I scan through all those messages each day for good e-mail, I find 1 or 2 a week maybe. I have Eudora set to disable HTML, which should keep anything from executing just from viewing a message. I can see if e-mails have attachments before I view them. Additionally, I run an anti-virus program just in case I click on something bad.

I also have our mail server filter out e-mails with “bad” attachment types like .EXE, .BAT, or .PIF, so they never get to anyone.

The main program that was dangerous just viewing e-mail was Microsoft Outlook, which I ASSUME has been fixed.

Ooh, yes, I’d like to sort out all those Damn effects. I’ll sent him all my pennies at once. :slight_smile:

I also like how Lottery numbers, Thai lottery, and American lottery are 3 separate problems.

Funny, I’ve always considered a “love marriage” a good thing, yet he lists it as his #1 problem. Must be a cultural thing.

Heh. Yeah. Sure.