Hilarious stand-up comedy bits

The thread on bad movies that you love reminded me of one of my favorite Dara O’Briain bits:

Dara O’Briain on “2012”.

I must have watched this a dozen times now and it still makes me laugh.

Anyone else got some good comedy clips they want to share?

Patton Oswalt’s Christmas Shoes sketch, animated.

Eddie Izzard’s Star Wars Death Star Canteen.

And anything Greg Giraldo did on Comedy Central’s roasts, his time on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, or his regular stand-up.

Pretty much all of Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill.

Louis CK’s bit about the ponies. I laughed so hard at this my husband came running into the room to make sure I was okay.

Kathleen Madigan talking about touring the Mormon temple.

I’m not a huge Jim Gaffigan fan, but his manatee bit on Dr. Katz kills me.

I wish Roland Emmerich could be forced to watch this on a continuous loop until he stops talking such bollocks.

I like Eddie Izzard’s alternative Star Trek phaser settings.

I have a friend who is pregnant. Her husband is really fond of teasing her by reciting that bit. Particularly that “layer of blubber” remark.

(She thinks it’s funny.)

It’s more of a whole show than a standup bit, but if you haven’t seen Dave Gorman’s “Googlewhack” show, do yourself a favor and seek it out. It’s on DVD.

Dylan Moran is excellent. His series ‘black books’ is awesome as well.


Lots to choose from, I’ll offer this one for now: John Mulaney’s “The Best Meal I Ever Had”.

The first time I ever heard Mulaney do that bit I had to pull the car over. Just as good is the Law and Order bit.

A young Bill Cosby, with [Noah’s Ark](Noah’s Ark).

So many to chose from, but for me, Mitch Hedberg tops them all. He was brilliant.

Another one that made me laugh into a coughing fit: Paul F. Tompkins: Peanut Brittle. A relentless four minutes of solid sarcasm.

“You’re right. The smaller he gets, the cuter he looks.”-- Bill Hicks

Bill Cosby’s Lone Ranger routine is pretty good too.

Anything by Dennis Wolfberg

Teaching in the South Bronx
The Rigid Sigmoidoscopy (a bit dated, but still classic)
The Bris

Richard Jeni

The Bad News

Jaws 4

And 200M.P.H. “Dumb guy, dumb guy, dumb guy.”

I can’t pick just one, I like too many to list, but the Blue Comedy really KILLS me… Even though I am already dead… ahhh hah hah. Any way I suggest Patrick Melton who has a hilarious and offensive set on midgets.
Here’s a link for that, it’s at BlueComedy.com there’s other blue stand-up there to if you wanna see the stuff that meets all the offensive criteria.
Warning- Blue comedy means they use words like @#%@$#

Oh, I’m fine with @#%@# and even &%*@#. It’s when they pull out %%#@ or #%@^& that I start to get a little offended.