Hilarious Teachers

My math teacher does some hilarious stuff. He’s supposedly Mexican, but he looks really Asian! He once freaked out when he saw the Science teacher walking down the hall with a TInspire. You would have thought it was Christmas. We’re gonna pull an awesome April Fools joke on him, though. It’s going to be amazing. BTW, the Science teacher has a huge crush on him. Sooo funny.

Posting that something is funny is not the same as posting something that is funny.

How old are you?

Great username/post combo.

What is a Tinspire? Or Tlinspire or whatever?

Fancy graphing calculator.

I guess you had to be there.

Facebook is that way, down the hall, second door on your right.

It is funny when people do that.

We’re here at Only Here A While High School, where we’ve secretly replaced the fine Mexican math teachers they usually have with Asians. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!

C’mon, don’t any of you remember goofy antics of some of your highschool teachers? I had this one history teacher that looked like he came straight out of the 50’s(this was in the 80’s
) shortsleeved dress shirt with tie, slacks with thin black belt and shoes, his hair was slicked back with some sort of goo, and horn rimmed glasses. Somebody found a yearbook from the 60’s, with his picture in it and HE LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME! He was even wearing the same tie!

We had two others who had maintained a long and fierce rivalry for years. Once, Teacher 1 hid a cow liver in the room of Teacher 2. The smell was awful. Teacher 2 went nuts looking for the source of the smell. When he finally found it, he tossed it into teacher 1’s car. Then they started throwing water baloons at each other. I still can’t understand why they drove around with pre-filled water ballons in their cars.

So Chang has actually started pretending to be Spanish now, in order to get math teaching jobs?

I like my teachers black. Like my coffee.

Actually, the more I read this, the more I think it is hilarious.

Wow, rough crowd.

Now, see, Sharron Angle was right! They do all look alike!