My Sadistic Math Teacher.

My math teacher is a dick.

He has stupid nicknames for almost every student, chosen for how much we hate them. Mine is Gordo, taken from part of my name. He uses this, i’m sure, because it’s spanish for ‘fat.’ This is not a leap of logic, as he knows a fair amount of spanish and uses spanish phrases sometimes. So it’s pretty much like this:
‘Fatty, stop talking.’ ‘What’s the answer to number three, fatty?’

Today, he finds special way to inflict pain on me.

Certain noises and sensations bother me. Not in the sense that everyone recognizes that a noise is annoying. In the sense that these things tear my soul. It’s like a terrible pain. There is no way I could describe how these things molest my very core.

One of these things is chalk, not just used normally, but SCRAPED across the chalkboard. Mr Scott starts doing this today. I make it VERY clear that this bothers me. About ten minutes before the end of class, Scott returns to this sadistic act. I am gathering my stuff.
“Gordo, what’re you doing!”
“I’m leaving.”
–I am walking out.
“I’m gonna have to write you a referral.”
Like I’m going to let you threaten me into staying here, so you can enjoy feeling power and inflicting pain? He’s also going to enjoy giving me that D.

Hmmm. I had a math teacher who was a dick. One of my co-students did something he didn’t like (I forget what), and the teacher asked him if he was being insolent. Co-student answered, perfectly calmly :``Could you please define insolent?’’ Math teacher stuttered and stammered. Co-student politely pointed out that if the teacher can’t even define insolent, it is hardly appropriate for him to be calling students insolent. It was the most beautiful, brings-a-tear-to-mine-eye, insolent response I ever witnessed in five years of high school.

Not sure what my point is, but after a certain quantity of barley wine, my anecdote seemed appropriate, OK?

In Jr High I had a math teacher that looked up all the girls skirts. I remember one day he ‘dropped’ his chalk five times. Nothing to do with the three girls wearing short skirts that were in the front row I’m sure.

In college I had a calc teacher. First day of class he was doing a problem to show us what we were going to learn. About 1/2 way through someone asked a question so he started a new problem to illustrate the point. He then took numbers from the first problem and inserted them into the second (remember they have nothing to do with one another) he filled 5 chalk boards trying to resolve it before someone got brave enough to ask WTF? He constantly made simple math errors like 5+8=15. Why does this make him an asshole instead of just an idiot? B/C one day he was bragging about how he used to calculate how large you had to make pillars in salt mines so the roof wouldn’t collapse. I instantly leaned over to a friend and whispered “How many people has this fucker killed b/c he forgot to carry a one?” I mourn for the poor guys forever entombed in salt.

We had a math teacher in jr. high that was a tyrant. He would pick people out in class and bust their balls. There was one incident that stuck in my mind though, maybe the funniest thing I have ever witnessed.

The school we went to was very old, it had big windows that the teachers would open on a pleasant day. This was a big old huge 3 story brick school. So we were in Mr. Badass’s class, writing a test, totally silent, and the windows were wide open. Some disgruntled student started yelling out the window from the floor above us, “Mr Badass sucks cock. Mr. Badass is a fucking asshole. Mr. Badass eats shit.”, and so on. So here we are trying to keep from busting out laughing, and Mr. Badass is hanging out the window trying to get a peek at the perpetrator. I never did find out who that student was, but he sure put a smile on a lot of faces that day.

I had a real hardass math teacher in highschool. He used to ride my ass about not performing up to my potential. He’d do things like stop class just to wake me up.

I remember the midterm well. I had several midterms that day. So naturally, I decided to drop some acid on the way to school. I get to his class around mid-morning, peaking nicely. He was fairly overweight, and was eating saltines. As the graphs on the page started to dance, I looked up at him, and he had a whole cracker half-way in his mouth. He looked over at me, and he looked just like a walrus. That saltine freaked me out. I handed in the test, on which I got a D, and spent the rest of the day hanging out in the smoker’s lounge outside. (We don’t need no stinkin’ midterms!)

Needless to say, I barely got out of highschool, resorting to a work-study deal just to get a diploma, and never even had a remote possibility of getting into college. National Merit Scholar status notwithstanding.

That math teacher was one of my favorite teachers. I never liked the spineless “reach out to the students” type teachers. I liked the hardasses who took me to task for my insolence. Too bad I couldn’t muster even a minimum of effort in school. Maybe my life would have turned out much better. Or not.

Are you in high school or college? If you’re in high school, you need to go see a counselor. Some of them suck, but a lot of them are (or were, when I was in school and later when my daughter was in school) actually pretty concerned about things like this. If you’re in college, go see the department head. In either case, you MIGHT be able to get into a class by another teacher, though it’s rather late in the semester for that. At any rate, you do need to file a complaint. Make a note of all the nicknames he calls everyone in your class. I’m guessing that you’re in high school because this is more like a HS teacher type of thing. Ask the other students in his class if it bothers them. It would be particularly effective if you marched, as a class, to the counselor’s office during his class session and lodged a complaint. HOWEVER, you must accept that you will probably have to face some sort of consequences if you do this, ranging from a tardy/absent mark for the day up to and including suspension from school. So think it over very carefully if you decide to do that. I am not advocating this idea, you understand, I am merely telling you what I have done under similar circumstances.

Could be worse.

You could have this guy as your teacher.

"…lawyers have joined hands with a 9-year-old boy in a lawsuit filed Wednesday with the Fukuoka District Court demanding 13 million yen [about US$120,000] from his school and a teacher who repeatedly ordered the child to kill himself.

…between May and June this year the 46-year-old male teacher repeatedly told the boy, whose great-grandfather is an American, to commit suicide, saying such things as: “Your blood is filthy, jump from your condominium and die,” and “Haven’t you died yet? Make sure you do today.”"

More info:

Lynn… I probably won’t do anything as drastic as that. I probably won’t be doing anything at all. Unless that referral refers me to my counselor–but that would probably be a bad idea for him. I couldn’t organize a walkout like that, as many students actually like him. The girls, especially, admire his hardassness. Wasn’t there a thread about that a little while ago? …And it doesn’t hurt that he’s very fit and good looking, according to the girls.

Things are going to be tense in that class.

Just to clarify one little thing so I can more easily dislike the teacher in question…

Does your real name include the word Gordon in it anywhere?

If it doesn’t than carry on with the teacher rant.

If he insists on calling you Gordo, and you don’t like that, start calling him Bubba. :smiley:

Yes, my real name does include Gordon in it.

My high school freshman algebra teacher, a dick of the first water, was the consummate bad communicator. His teaching tactics were lost on most of the class, we had no bell curve, it looked more like a collapsed slalom run. His reaction to anyone failing a test was RAGE, and, oh yeah, writing out the entire exam 50 or 100 times. No attempt at diagnosing problems, offering assistance, assigning tutors, etc. Real big help he was. An uncle would come to visit my family every so often, he worked for IBM, a real math whiz. He’d teach me more in an hour or two, than a month’s worth of instruction with Mr. Useless. Thanks to unc, I squeezed by with a C+. A few years ago I saw my algebra teacher at a mall, looking obviously unwell. Entertained the thought of haranguing him[not seriously though, but it was tempting] Wonder how many more helplessly-foundering students he disappointed and sidelined over his unfortunately long career. Up yours Mr. C.

I went to Parochial schools for ten years, and then to a public high school. I couldn’t take anything twice so I ended up in survey math. No pencil, no paper, slept some. Aced all tests, I still got a C…

My male math teacher married a girl in the class behind me, moved to Las Vegas. He made me giggle because he pronounced dollar as ‘dahyer’. One should never giggle at other’s speech impediments, even in one’s own mind. I’ve gotten over it.

I saw teachers pick on certain kids, it was a long time before I realized teachers were human & fallible. I never said anything to the teacher, but outside of class, I did talk to those students that were harassed to let them know I saw what was happening, I supported them & would support them if they went to the principal. In college when I had idiot teachers, I put up with it, or dropped the class & took it a different time. I would never let a teacher or student intimidate me into leaving a class. I figure, you can always come here & rant.That way, you vent, the teacher still has to put up with you, & even if every female in the world declares this guy the most handsome human created, you know you can not be beaten. imho, ymmv stay gold, ponyboy