Hillary 2020

OP must think Democrats are masochists. I agree that it often sure seems that way, but No, Hillary won’t run in 2020. Her recent speeches opposing GOP anti-children and-ACA programs are because she opposes GOP malice and perfidy.

I know it gets confusing. The New York Times and the Washington Post are newspapers. The New York Post and the Washington Times are not.

Daily Caller, hunh? Did you also click on ‘Dem Senator reveals the brutal truth about the Democratic Party’? Or the Daily Caller’s brand-new story about … [did you guess?] … Hillary’s e-mails.

Where do you guys come up with “news sources” like these?, if I may ask. You do know about the “” icon at the upper-left of your browser window, right?

When was the last time we elected a one-term Senator to the presidency? :wink:

But seriously. A one-term Senator? And you might as well call her Nancy Pelosi, Jr. There’s your 30 year vendetta. Oy. Hopefully the Democrats can do better than that.

Hillary should not run. She is a terrible choice. Don’t go to Biden either. Give us a rising star in the democratic party. Give us someone that people actually trust. It won’t be easy, but Obama came from effectively nowhere and in fact so did Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter.

Worked pretty well last time. I’m not saying I want her to get the nomination (I’m waiting to see), I just think she’s a much better option than Hillary.

But 30 year attacks don’t work on someone most voters haven’t known for more than a year. And really, all Democrats need to win is someone who is slightly better at motivating young and minority voters than Hillary. I think it’s quite clear that Harris, at the very least, offers that likelihood.

Too early for Ocasio-Cortez?

I’d prefer the next Dem candidate be much younger than Hillary or Bernie or Trump. The Dems need someone with some youthful energy, without 30 years of public baggage, and someone who is not afraid of mixing it up in all 50 states. They have ceded too much territory across the nation, and need to become a national party again.

Many people who voted for Trump didn’t really like him. But they just liked Hillary even less. So, these people need to be given someone else to vote for, where Hillary seemed to represent everything about DC that they hated to begin with. Was it fair for her to be judged that way? Probably not. But politics aint fair.

Thankfully yes, she’s not old enough nor has she won anything except a primary.

I don’t think she’ll run

losing to Trump took the wind out of her sails

how do you come back from that?

Legally ineligible.

Emphasis added. That’s not all they have to do. They have to not turn off an even larger number of voters who don’t fall into those categories. Especially since there are a lot more voters outside those categories than inside. Don’t expect to ride the demographic wave to victory.

I don’t think there are any significant number of Hillary voters left to turn off. But it’s just my feeling – that it’s much, much more important to excite and motivate minorities and young Democrats than it is to try and appeal to a (nigh miniscule, IMO) middle. And Harris isn’t even wildly left. On the issues, she’s barely different than Hillary.

That’s one thing the last election proved, i.e. that Hillary may be intelligent and she may have been well-prepared, but she wasn’t (and probably still isn’t) strategically smart. She didn’t seek or take good advice about how to handle Trump. She didn’t have a simple message that resonated with the public. She didn’t smile enough (I’m talking a sincere smile, not that rictus that just said she was mad as hell). In short, being smart in the way she was smart is not nearly enough to win any presidential campaign. Nor is it enough to make a good president. I’m not glad that she lost but I wish the Democrats had had a better candidate.

Whatever. My point was, Hillary wouldn’t win the nomination because the Dems have largely moved on. Ditto Sanders, Biden.

If it is Harris, I will vote for Trump. Seriously. She has done* nothing. *

What we need is a nice bland middle of the road white guy from the South or rust belt. Someone boring the hate machine can’t get their hooks into.

And sure, maybe a fiery black woman as Veep.

No such person exists. Whoever the Dem nominee is, they’ll be the commiest commie to come down the pike, the biggest baby-killer and gun-grabber in the history of western civilization. No matter how bland and boring they were before anyone thought that person would run.

She’s top on PredictIt for now …

So “seriously” you’d rather have someone who has done the somethings that Trump has been doing than someone who you think of as having dome “nothing”?

That said … too early, much will change, and handicapping who will be running and win the nomination is another thread. But HRC won’t be.

You’re right. Better to stick with the guy who is destroying everything from immigrant families to our democracy to the western alliance to the environment, while blatantly being Putin’s puppet.

Go with experience, right?

Seriously, WTF?!

Well, could you just compromise and go on vacation out of the country that week?

If you really mean this then this reflects very, very poorly on you. Harris has over 14 years of public service experience (city DA, state AG, and now Senator), and even if you’re not a particularly big fan of hers, she hasn’t spread racist conspiracy theories, praised white supremacists, bragged about sexual assault and violation of consent, weakened national security, denigrated many Americans and immigrants, and much, much more terrible shit Trump has done.