Hillary 2020

Yes, I know this has been done before, but its July, 2018, only 2 and a half years before the election. And the media is putting out more stories about her desire to run again. Should she? Would she beat Trump this time? Running mate?

Her time has passed. No to Hilary.

There is a LOT of hate for Hillary Clinton out there–most of it unjustified, IMO, but at this point she’s poison and if she really actually gives a shit about the country she’ll let herself dissappear into obscurity (probably a pipe dream on my part). I know several people who voted for Trump not because he was Trump but because he wasn’t Hillary. If she runs again she’ll likely lose again. If people didn’t like her the last two times she ran what makes people think that the third times is her charm?

We need another Obama: young, charismatic, and arriving on the scene without a bunch of baggage and built-in hate. Whether we’ll get it or not… I have my doubts.

New rule: if you lose to Donald Trump you are disqualified from holding any office anywhere ever.

No, she won’t run. Her time was lost. It’s really too bad. She is very smart.

I have seen no such stories. Would you happen to have a link?

Fuck no. She lost to Donald Mutherfucking Trump. She’s permanently unwelcome to run again. Nothing against her, she’d have been a fine President. But the American idiots won’t have her. Time to move on.

Considering what Trump did from his “grabbing women’s pussies” comments to attacks on Hispanics to attacks on the parents of soldiers who died in combat to proposals like removing the Environmental Protection Agency to his buddy, buddy comments about Putin some of us think lots of competent Democrats could have easily beaten him.

So no way to Hilary in 2020.

I deeply regret that she didn’t win. Deeply. It’s time for another candidate.

She’s tried a couple of times and couldn’t close the deal. Third time is not a charm. And we need some younger blood.

What’s Hillary doing right now?

Is she out raising money for Democratic candidates? Is she showing up in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania? Is she writing books about sensible foreign and domestic policies? Is she appearing on the Sunday morning talk shows?

If she is, then she’s testing the waters. If she’s hanging out in Chappaqua, occasionally appearing in blurry photographs in* People *magazine, then she ain’t running.

Anecdote: in 1965 my father (literally) bumped into Richard Nixon in the airport in St. Louis. My father said, “Aren’t you…” whereupon Nixon flashed a big smile, grabbed my father’s hand and gave him a hearty handshake, and boomed out, “Hi, Dick Nixon. Good to meet you.” My father came home and declared, “That son of a bitch is going to run again!”

The NY Post has a recent article based on some pretty thin evidence.


…if you want the OP to be taken seriously you really need to come up with a more authoritative cite than a website founded by Tucker Carlson. It would be charitable to describe Carlson as merely partisan. IMHO it would be more accurate to describe Carlson as part of the Trump propaganda machine.


I already think Trump will win a second term. This would guarantee it.

She’d have been a great president. And now the party needs to put the divisiveness of 2016 behind it. It is time for her (and for that matter Sanders too) to lay low and let someone emerge who all can potentially end up rallying around end of day. The only place for them to show will be at joint appearances calling for a united front moving forward and supporting the eventual nominee be they from the progressive or plain liberal wing.

She is very smart. Smart enough to not run again.

I like this idea. I like it a lot.

I doubt that Clinton is seriously considering a run.

But Hillary Clinton is not, and never has been, the sole problem with the Democratic party. The problem that Bernie Sanders exposed is that the country has changed, and the Democratic party failed to understand how it has changed. Progressives are no longer satisfied with voting for the Corporate Lite alternative party; they want to vote for economic and social justice.

  1. Hillary isn’t running.

  2. Nor should she. (Or Bernie, for that matter.) She’d have been a fine President, but for 2020, Democrats have moved on; we’re looking at Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand and so forth.

  3. However, there’s something deeply wrong with the notion that she should shut up and fade away, just because she lost. Has Mitt Romney done that? How about John McCain, at least before his cancer got the upper hand? John Kerry? Al Gore?

I find it deeply disturbing that this expectation’s being applied to Hillary, and only Hillary.

This. We’re gonna be called socialists and gun-grabbers and whatnot anyway, so we might as well advocate for what we really want and believe in, rather than putting forward a program of watered-down shit that excites nobody.

Hillary would have a much better chance of winning that Kamala Harris would. And although I doubt Hillary will run, I have to think the gears are still turning in her head: what if…?

As for the OP, maybe he should rephrase it as “medium is putting out a story”. :slight_smile:

I seriously doubt that. Harris doesn’t have a 30 year vendetta against her. Further, Hillary’s proven to be incapable of motivating high turnout among minorities and young voters. I think Harris is much likely to be successful at that.