Hillary Rodham Clinton's legal name

What is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s legal name? She used Hillary Rodham (both legally and by choice) after marrying Bill Clinton. I believe that she started going by Hillary Clinton during Bill’s second (?) campaign for governor, since many in Arkansas were uncomfortable with a wife not taking her husband’s last name. She did not, however, legally change her name at that time. After the '92 election, she requested that reporters refer to her as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Has she ever legally changed her name from Hillary Rodham and, if so, to what? Thanks.


There is really any process to go through for a name change, generally. If that’s what she puts on her driver’s license, that’s what her name is.

Sorry, that should be “isn’t.”

The point is, that as long as you aren’t trying to defraud anyone, you can legally call yourself whatever you want, I believe.

To legally change your name you need to go to the social security office and apply for a new social security card with the new name, then you will be able to change your name on your drivers license.

That is correct. I know a woman who was exposed to 70s-era feminist writings about women and patriarchal surnames in the early 90s and really took it to heart and changed her name from Connie Lastname to Connie Herprofession, simply by getting things in the new name, using the new name, and after amassing a few accounts and bills in the new name, changing her driver’s license and then social security records. No legal process.

The US has few restrictions on names you can have and the legitimacy thereof. You are who you say you are minus intent to defraud.

They will accept other things, including marriage certificates, adoption papers, divorce papers, etc.

I had a driver’s licence in my married name for almost 20 years before I bothered getting a new SS card.

My wife’s Social Security card is still under her maiden name.

But on our marriage license (New York State), she had to check a box indicating she wants her last name legally changed to mine in order to effect said change.

I don’t know if that requirement is on the forms in other states and what Hillary did or didn’t elect to do on hers.