Hillary went straight demographic warfare

What would you have said if the ad were all white males all the time? Because I suspect you would say something like:

“Sheesh, she knows she’s behind with whites, so you can tell she’s scrambling to make inroads. It’s a cold, calculating strategy from a cold, calculating politician.”

I’m still not getting “a game of strict demographics.” She will get a lot of White male votes. Maybe less than 50% of all the white males in the US, but millions and millions of us will vote her and she needs us. She doesn’t need a majority of us, but she needs a hell of a lot of us. She can’t piss us off, and showing a slick video with smiling brown people and women doesn’t piss us off. (Or certainly shouldn’t)

“We’re moving, just so (my daughter) can belong to a better school.”

Boy, the teachers’ unions and the “No Child Left Behind / Race to the Top” naysayers must be throwing fits at that one. Your school district isn’t good? Don’t bother with trying to improve it; move to a better one! What’s that? You’re poor, and you can’t move? Well, er, uh, tax the rich! It’s the Republicans’ fault!

Semi-seriously, I wonder how many school districts think theirs is the best, because they believe that the others that score better either cheat on the standardized tests or “teach to the test” to make the scores look better, “but of course we don’t do that.”

Now I’m rooting for her to win so she can teach that dog not to get into the trash. When I saw the video, I saw America. A diverse mix of people that she would like to be the champion for. Perhaps the OP would be so kind as to enlighten us as to what the magic composition of people in the video would be so as not to piss him off. Seriously, if this is the worst you can lay on her now, you’re in sad shape.

“Hillary Clinton is stealing Republican ideas!”

Hillary knows that the days of pandering to old white men and expecting to win the White House are over.

Maybe the Repubs will lean that in another cycle or two.

What an awful person Hilary is; thinking of minorities and women’s issues.

How am I going to explain that to my white male children?

Oh god! Won’t someone please think of the white male children?

[Falls on fainting couch]

Some people see sunshine, rainbows, and a happy-go-lucky multiculturalist.

The sensible ones see ruthless pandering.

And it will work. Smart move; a calculated facade.

Yeah, it’s pretty smart, right? I think her best chance to win is to make people like you not seethe with rage, but just roll your eyes with disgust. It’s the best she can hope for from you.

The 16 election is just about Hillary or not Hillary, and she wants to energize people that like her but not energize people that hate her.

It’s more subtle than that.

I agree with this analysis that Clinton is showing, not divisive demographics, but rather people in transition. A mother changing schools, a guy (white, btw) switching jobs, a woman retiring. You get the idea. She’s establishing that people are in motion and she’ll try to help. Believe her or not, but I think that’s what she’s attempting to convey.

OF COURSE she is playing to demographics. What, you think her team are all idiots who don’t know how elections are won and what the advantage she has is?

She will lose the white male vote, especially the rural white male vote, by some significant margin. Yup that will be Jeb Bush’s demographic, assuming he is the GOP standard bearer. But they don’t vote as much as women do (probably especially this time) and she will dominate the female vote. And the younger voters. And most non-white groups including Blacks and Hispanics. And gays and those who care about gay issues.

Pandering to the rural white male demographic is required to win the GOP nomination; having done that writes off lots as that demographic is increasingly a minority.

And again, describe the not-ruthless-pandering commercial Hillary Clinton could have put out.

If Republicans put out commercials with all white people are they ruthlessly pandering? If they put out commercials with brown people, are they? What makes this ruthless pandering while something else isn’t? Why is representing the actual voters in the Democratic party ruthless pandering and ugly, divisive warfare?

Is there anything she could do that you would say, “Hey, that’s a good commercial?” Purple cartoon people (male, of course)?

Some year old polling on the subject:

Her team has no choice but to accept that non-college-educated and in particular rural white males will vote against here more than for her. Not a problem if she dominates with everyone else. OF COURSE you feature everyone else more than the minority white male in your ads … they are the majority after all and you need the majority to vote for you to win.

Sorry I don’t have a cite, but just the other day I was reading an article about why women vote conservative. Don’t remember the details, but a lot of women vote Republican. Hillary isn’t going to sweep up all the women votes.

Why do you say that as if it were some kind of dirty pool?

Because she’s supposed to LOSE, you silly goose! Sure, forking themselves is kinda what Democrats do, so it’s unexpected that she’s trying to win, but the OP is a member of a party that is all about forking themselves, and cannot imagine a candidate succeeding because they ran a better campaign. For them 2008 and 2012 didn’t happen and McCain and Romney will step out of the shower and all will be right with the world.

It’s a pretty transparent political tactic.

Nonsense. From 1:10 until 1:34 in that ad, there’s a white man in just about every shot. Compare to Ted Cruz’s similar commercial, in which all the nonwhite people are packed into a 2-second hyperflash montage from :21 until :23. Who exactly is playing the demographic game?

No: it’s blatant that she’s ceding the white supremacist male vote and will seek to collect everyone else.

The fact that you find fault in the diversity in this ad–in which white men figure prominently but not overwhelmingly–is not a commentary on Clinton.

As opposed to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, et al?

:mad: Thank you for putting the image in my head of McCain and Romney showering together!

Hey, I’m a rather pale-skinned male, and the only thing she has to do to earn my vote is not suddenly join the Republican party.

More so than the last several?

Nope, certainly nothing ugly and divisive on your part, no sirree.