Hillary went straight demographic warfare

Populist demographics is Hillary’s tactic to win the White House.

It’s blatant that she will ignore the white male vote and seek to collect everyone else. This will be an ugly, divisive election season.

I think it will win. Provided people actually find something compelling in Hillary Clinton. She’s a boring, wealthy white woman who stood by a lying philanderer to further her political career. It’s gonna take a lot of gay couples holding hands and crying Latina mothers to overcome that reality.

I saw multiple white men in that video – was it not enough? How many white men are necessary for a video not to be ugly and divisive, and to not ignore the white male vote?

You can have one woman or one person of color. But you can’t have a woman of color. That’s pandering.

I saw white men in that video (and I’m assuming they’re straight) so Clinton isn’t ignoring that demographic.

Granted, Clinton doesn’t say that straight white men are more important than every other demographic and some straight white men see that as an insult.

Just watched it and counted – I counted 5 adult white male humans, and 2 juvenile stage white male humans (commonly known as children).

Whether this is enough to get over the non-ugly/divisive qualifier, and enough to not ignore the white male vote, is unknown – can you comment, Stringbean?

Well, shit, I’m a white male. So I guess I hafta vote R now, to conserve my great wealth.

This has always been the most ridiculous criticism of Hillary from the right – how dare she repair her marriage and her relationship with her husband and the father of her daughter? Why, it’s almost as if she valued her marriage and may even love her husband and daughter!

There was a time when most American conservatives took it for plain common sense that divorce is immoral and you should stand by your spouse no matter what.

That never seemed to cause any problems for Reagan, though.

Why do you say that as if it were some kind of dirty pool?

In the end the people did realize that when the Republicans tried to get that philanderer they only saw that the Republicans were much uglier on the way they did go to get the president; and looking at the tea party the Republicans got even more ugly and monstrous since then (As I pointed out, many moderate Republicans really made a mistake in the previous congressional election. The Republicans promised them that they were going to show how responsible they were going to be in government but they only showed in their latest legislative efforts that they are not really grown ups.)

It will the woman vote (and they are a lot of white women BTW) the ones that will make a big difference in this coming election. And not only just because of the feeling that the time has come for a female president, but because several Republicans are still wanting to be part of the “rape” party.

B-O-O, H-O-O. Like the Republicans are going to have ads full of fluffy bunnies and rainbows. :rolleyes:

It’s really funny that this ad, which is a feel-good look at a multicultural country, signals an “ugly, divisive election season.” My god, the OP is tender.

What I saw was that the impeachment was run by that ol’ philanderer, Henry Hyde, head of the Judiciary Committee. It taught me that “it’s okay if a Republican does it” is not a joke, but party policy.

Every white guy I know will be voting for her if she gets the nomination. I’m not sure where the OP gets the feeling that we don’t like her video.

I don’t feel ignored. As others have pointed out, there are several white men in the video. Even if there were zero white guys in the video, I wouldn’t be offended. That would be crazy. I don’t need to see a white guy in a campaign video to feel like she wants my vote. I’m sure she wants my vote. Everyone wants my vote.

Could it possibly have been anything else? Even if Clinton were not running?

Is “populist demographics” sneer-ese for “trying to appeal to a lot of people”?

Studies have shown that if a group is something like a third female, men in the group will feel outnumbered.

Time will show. I am merely stating the political reality at play. She is going to play a game of strict demographics. Provided strong turnout, the numbers will secure a victory. It’s a cold, calculated strategy from a cold, calculated politician.

Perhaps I just wish she stood for something other than an unparalleled career in serving her presidential ambition. This ad was nothing more than a life insurance commercial.

And it will work.

I’m just shocked she’s trying something new and untested.

White men sure are high maintenance.

I can see the complaint. Hillary is actually a corporate owned war monger. So this image she tries to project rings false. But I don’t think that’s the OP’s problem with her.

Why do you say that as if it were some kind of dirty pool?