Hindi translator

So, I’m looking to get something translated into Hindi, is anyone able to write in Hindi? Would be such a massive help if you can.
Thank you

I have friends in India who can help, or you can ask my friend and fellow doper bldysabba. I don’t know that he speaks Hindi, but he is Indian and if he doesn’t he prolly knows someone who can help you.

Aanimaka may also be able to help you.

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Please send it to me. I will have a try.

Indian living in India.

Thanks for stepping up Indian. I have a very busy week, but can help after that if any further help is needed. Bo - Whatever happened to your travel plans ?

They were postponed so that I could become part zombie. I’ll PM you with details.

You can send it to me; I’ll certainly try.

ETA: Do you mean you actually need it in Devanagri (Hindi script), or just transliterated Hindi?