Marathi (or Hindi) speakers! Help, please.

Are there any native Marathi speakers here? I’ve had no luck finding a good (or any) English-Marathi translators online. There are plenty of services, but I can’t see getting a quote for a 4 word phrase.

So, can anyone translate: “Will you marry me?”

Hindi would be nice, but Marathi would be bonus points, and may earn you an invite to the hopefully upcoming nuptuals.

Tumcha khup dhanyavaad.

Further searching turned up:

Tvu maa-zhyaa-shee la-gna ka-r-shee-l kaa?

But if anyone can confirm that, I’d be most grateful. I don’t want to tell her that “I’m an ass. I hate you.”

All I have is Hindi, sorry. Maybe anu-lala will come along, I think maybe she can speak it.

“Mujhse shaadi karoge?”