Hip, Hip, Huzzah! grienspace apreciation thread!

Folks, we have in our midst a true legend. We are supremely blessed to be privy to the corkscrew logic of a disturbed mind, and I think we should all take a moment to apreciate that fact. This thread is created specifically for the purpose of giving us a place to express how lucky we are to have a monumental intelect that towers above Cecil himself among us. So, three cheers for grienspace! I offer my humble testomonial first:

I will be the first to admit that I was slow to tumble to the wit and brillance that is grienspace. I grieve that I missed his earlier posts, and I intend to use the search function to catch up on what I’ve missed, as soon as I get several pressing chores out of the way, like putting the cat in the dishwasher and alphabatizing the order in which my condiments sit in the refrigerator. I notced this stellar example of calm, logical debate in a thread which advocated banning American Pit Bull Terriers from using cell phones while driving. 'space was magnificant! He skillfully avoided contact with any facts at all, not an easy task with so many facts being flung at him by other posters, but he managed it with ease. I began to get an inkling that there was a giant lose among us mere mortals. I next watched with open mouthed awe as 'space started a pit thread, and promptly denied that he was posting on the subject of his own OP. This is a brand of delicious kitch is almost unknown in button-down, conformist America today, and I could only wonder from the shadows at the bright light eclipsing us all. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. 'space for having the courage to bring to light the devious manipulations and plots of the Pit Bullies™. For too long has the newby run in fear of these craven monsters. Although I regularly attend the manditory Monday night meetings of this hellish clique, I have been too terrified to speak up against their awful conspiracies. Well, no longer! I hearby stand against you all, and intend to make public the minutes from the last few month’s meetings to the Washington Post.( besides, the cookies you served last week were stale, 'scratch, STALE!!!) I can only hope that my broken, bleeding body is not discovered under a wharf in Baltimore Harbor. If it is, know this: I died content, having finally found the courage to go against the herd, as it were, and I owe that all to you, grienspace. Thank you for making what will probobly be the last few days of my existance peaceful ones. At last my troubled mind is clear.

Well, I know that he makes ME laugh my ass off every time I read one of his posts…

It’s always refreshing to see someone make a complete fool out of themselves and, apparently, not realise it…

Well, I can’t be for sure, but I think that boy is being…sarcastic. Naw, that just wouldn’t be right.


I’m with you Dave, i’ve had it with driving all the god damn way to California for every meeting, by the time i get home i gotta go back!! it’s firggin stupid! And man were those cookies stale, not to mention that mess y’all passed off as “punch”. What the fuck was that? Donkey piss??

Yes, i shall rally around the new banner, the new truth, to the glory of our Mighty Factless Leader! Grienspace, our hero, is come! Let us cut palm fronds and bathe him in wine and kick him around a little outside behing the barn!

behing = behind… trust me, i know these things


!! Now every time I read grienspace’s posts I’ll mentally picture a straightjacketed nutjob frantically contorting his body to avoid facts whizzing by like Neo in The Matrix.

He’s refreshingly moronic. And groin kickingly painfull in his logical contortions.

That sounds like a blurb for an upcoming movie…
“Refreshingly moronic!!!” shouts oldscratch “Groin kickingly painful in his logical contortions!”
(If I were grienspace, I’d use the above as a sig line fer sure!)

Aw, come on, you guys, not to be a spoilsport or nothin’, but this is exactly the kind of 10-car interstate pileup and co-ed Pit gangbang that folks were complaining about recently.

[mom voice]

You kids quit picking on him! Go outside! Or something! And I mean now! Not next Tuesday!

[/mom voice]

I don’t think he’s that bad, frankly. But I know Dave’s got all these tender artistic sensibilities that are easily offended, our little hothouse plant… :rolleyes:


I agree with DDG. After all, grienspace is nowhere near as bad as the late, unlamented JDT was.

If Brian Bunnyhurt was January’s Lunatic of the Month (previous winners include peace and Jack Dean Tyler), the grienie has certainly made significant progress towards winning February’s. Off his chump.

Yes, he is a delicate flower, our Dave…:smiley:

Now, you kids play nice!

I am positive that grienspace would win Best-of-the-Best in the category of babbling idiot. Congrats!

greinspace, I wuv oo.
Oh? What? This is sarcastic?
Oh my. Sorry.
Walks off…:wink:

grien reminds me of a guy I knew in college. I had a few classes with him, and he really pissed me off. He was arrogant, cocksure, and his logic wasn’t nearly as impressive as he thought it was. I hated the guy.
A few months later, I ran into him again. It turned out he was a very good friend of a mutual friend. I slowly got to know him, and discovered he wasn’t all that bad of a guy. Fifteen years later, we still keep in touch.

But we do not discuss politics. :wink:


I think inor and crazy1@whateverwould give him some stiff competition in the dickhead catagory.


It says: Don’t make this guy Weirddave mad.

Dave? He’s a big ole teddy bear. See, you just gotta tickle him under the chin, like so…

OK, maybe it only works when I do it.

Geo, hon,
Bears can BITE. A word to the wise…:wink: O.K. Not you. Damn. there goes my reputation.