Hip Hop fans?

Damn, 2 mentions of Mos Def and none for his partner, Talib Kweli? For shame people. Kweli is like twice as good, especially when you get his DJ, Hi-Tek on the beats. Kweli’s my favorite.

Also, as mentioned, Tribe, is one of my favorites. I also like the lates Big L, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and (to some extent) Eazy E. For some reason I tend to find good music after the band/group/performer is either dead, or has broken up.

In that case sheck out Company Flow, not defunct underground gods.

In that case sheck out Company Flow, now defunct underground gods.

British Hip-Hop fan here, no its not a joke anymore.

Roots Manuva is the man.

Mark B and Blade are excellent.

From Bristol, Aspects are wicked, even if their West Coutry accents initially freak you out. In fact, anything on the Hombre Label is well worth checking out.

The scratch Perverts are possibly the best turntablists anywhere
And SO worth it for the first two tracks alone “Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)” by Groove Armada. Suntoucher featuring Jeru the Damaga is some of the sweetest production ever. Frankly, it bends Timbaland over and shows him exactly who’s daddy. Track two - Superstylin’ is also shit hot. The rest of the album’s pretty sweet, if you like AiM, Nightmares on Wax and so forth.

Oops forgot to mention the best modern gangsta rapper: Nas.

I’ve been a hip hop fan forever, I can get into anything from old school to political to gangsta to underground to alternative (though underground and alternative stuff is too often too pretentious) to whatever, as long as it’s fresh. And for me, it’s all about Ghostface right now.