Hip Hop fans?

I’m new, just trying to check out the scene here. Any hip hop fans in the house? If so, let’s discuss our favorite artists, but REMEMBER, bad rap gets the gun clap, period!

ain’t no thang like a chicken wang
havin a smoke out in the dungeon
with the mary jane
it’s the pimps, playas, mack daddy, east point…

hip hop fan here. anyone have any idea what the east point thing with outkast is? i always figured that ‘points’ were things that stretched out in the ocean. last time i checked, atlanta didn’t have an ocean. or am i completely looking at this the wrong way.

i like lots of artists.

such as…

outkast, de la soul, beastie boys, tribe called quest, black eyed peas, dj shadow, blackalicious, busta rhymes (kinda), run dmc, snoop (kinda), jurassic five, the streets, ozomatli, public enemy, cypress hill, ugly duckling, the pharcyde, and if we can count jungle, roni size.

i’m pretty much open. i can even talk semi knowledgeably on dre et al. wherever anyone wants to begin, i can begin. and i’m always looking out for new artists, so if something is good that is missing from the list above, y’all are welcome to add to it.

oh, and i like that nappy roots song, too.

ok, maybe this can be a good place to start. i don’t mean to hijack your thread at all, but does anyone have idea where hip hop is headed in the future? right now it seems to be stuck in a bad cycle of nelly and puffy teeny-thugs (apart from the odd artists such as outkast who makes good and popular music and the “alternative” acts such as jurassic five etc)

I pray to god that hip hop follows El-P into a rougher, grimier feel production-wise. I also hope that lyricism once again becomes the determining factor in an emcee’s success. Sadly, this will probably never be.

East Point is a predominately black section of Atlanta.

Old Skool all the way…

Eric B & Rakim
A Tribe Called Quest
The Pharcyde
De La Soul
Public Enemy

I think the “alternative” hip-hop is the direction of the future. IMHO, Outkast fit the “alternative” definition, despite their popularity: they have experimented with a lot of different sounds, from D&B to old-school funk.
To me, the only thing “alternative” hip-hop acts have in common is a willingness to try new things: It’s not so much that they sound alike as it is that they sound different from the staleness of the mainstream…
I think hip-hop is at a similar point now to where rock was when hip-hop first came out: there is a lot of innovative, interesting stuff being made, but none of it is getting on the radio.

Die-hard hip hop fan checking in. I love everything from old old school to gangsta to modern stuff. My favorite artists are De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Salt 'N Pepa, Jay Z, Public Enemy, Naughty by Nature, The Roots, and Lauryn Hill. Those are the artists I listen to most often, but I’ll listen to pretty much anything with kick ass lyrics and a good bass behind it.

My current favorite song is “Hot Sex On A Platter” by A Tribe Called Quest and “Girls Girls Girls” (the remix) by Jay Z. But like I said, I love pretty much all rap music. Hell, I still know all the words to “I Wish” by Skee Lo.

Another hip hop fan checking in. I have to say, though, I’m avoiding much of what’s played on the radio these days. I’ve got two reasons for that. One is I’m hardly ever in the car and the car is where I do most of my radio listenin’. Two is when I am in the car, it’s straight to the alternative rock or ‘new’ metal stations.

That being said, I love hip hop, especially the not-so-old school. I’m not sure what to call it, but I’d say stuff from the 90s is probably my fave. De La Soul, Tribe, Busta, Digable Planets, Naughty by Nature, KRS-ONE, Brothers in the Jungle, Black Sheep, Snoop, Dre, DMX (Ruff Riders’ Anthem, Stop Being Greedy), Tupac and Biggie (especially the first CD).

As far as more modern stuff, I’m all over the map. I like Eminem as a lyracist. I just wish he’d shut up when he’s not rapping. I dig Missy Elliot, Rah Digga and Timbaland. I don’t like Nelly but I’ve liked a Nelly song or two. I’m no fan of Master P or Ludacris but I’ve like a few songs by them. I think it’s fair to say that, with the exception of Outkast (Hootie Hoo!), I’m not too keen on that ‘southern’ style of hip hop. There are, of course, exceptions.

10 posts in and nobody’s mentioned the MAN

Mos Def.

who along with Black Thought and Tip (back in tha day) and maybe Em, has the sickest flow out there… no doubt.

and is the best rapper to ever act on Broadway, to boot.


BTW i’ve heard a couple of advance tracksfrom the long delayed, supposedly coming out in october Roots Album Phrenology… and it is gonna be



I’ve heard that too. They say it’s the “Bitches Brew” of Hip Hop. Can’t wait to get my hands on that one.

Back to the OP, I’m also a huge fan of all the artists mentioned so far. I just saw a mad ill show at Smokin’ Grooves; J5, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, and Outkast. They tore the fucking roof off. I also caught Z-Trip in NYC this summer which was dope.

Anyone listen to Deltron 3030?

Good god yeah… Deltron 3030 is the best hip-hop concept album ever. Actually, I love all of the Automator’s stuff and what Del stuff I’ve heard.

Oooh, Bad Hat, I thought I was going to get to be the one who mentioned the main man.

Mos Def - initely.

When are y’all coming over? Bring your cds. Seems like we’ll all get along just fine.

Am I the only one into the underground? Def Jux, Rhymesayers, etc…


I’ll “ditto” the old-school stuff, throw in a “me too” for Tribe Called Quest, Eminem/Dre/Snoop, Digable Planets, and Busta Rhymes, and raise you an Arrested Development. (remember them??) Also worth a mention are Bubba Sparxx, Remedy, Wu-Tang Clan, and my boys Dead Logic.

Oh yeah … and Sir Mix-a-Lot. But only because we like the same kind of women. :wink:


I listen to those labels, I just don’t get around to them much. My taste is in more funky artists like Blackalicious, Grand Master Flash, The Coup, Invsbl Scratch Piklz, Eric B and Rakim, Outkast, Goodie Mob, and J5, and when I’m not listening to an upbeat disc, I’m chilling out with something like AiM, Common, DJ Logic, or DJ Shadow. I still collect the grittier, darker artists because sometimes I get into that kind of mood but normally acts like El-P, Cannibal Ox, Company Flow, Aesop Rock, RJD2, Atmosphere, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kool Keith, Slug, Necro, Non-Phixion are not in my rotation. Everything about them is just as interesting and well crafted as the ‘happier’ rap music, lyrics, flow, production, etc, I’m just not a very dark person.

P.S. What is it about Minneapolis that makes for such hardcore music?

in this when they’re good they’re DAMN GOOD, but sadly, they ain’t alway good category…

(hell, the Wu in general)

I’ll cop to this one right now: I just can’t really dig on a lot of “underground” hip-hop. I like the Automator, usually, and I guess a lot of folks consider The Roots and Mos and Common and SV and thier ilk to be “alternative hip hop”, but i just don’t dig on stuff like Blackalicious all that much. The music is okay… but i don’t really feel the rhymes all that often.

El-P is rockin’ it. I’m with ya there, but i think its sort of odd that for the most part, IMHO, the really interesting new stuff is coming from the mainstream as often as its coming from the underground. Timbaland has it in him to mix a mean tune. same with the 'Tunes, and Missy, and thier majesties Dre and the RZA (been to long for RZA, though).

With a few exceptions, i find a lot of the underground stuff is either trying to hard to be “Old School”, or it sounds sort of academic.


I dont mean to hijack this thread…but what are your Favourite rap simile’s or metaphors?

One that I can think of now is “Her p###y was as tight as the situation our blacks folk’s facing”

There are TONS of others, I cant remember more of them now though.

Fairly new fan checking in. So far I like Snoop, Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Wu-Tang Clan, Fat Joe, Spooks, Outkast, Xzibit and Public Enemy. Also bought Bone, Thugs n Harmony but didn’t like it too much. I’m hearing a lot of people like the roots so I think I’ll go and get some of their stuff too