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Hippo eats Human. Human crawls of of the Belly Of The Beast, & LIVES!


Holy shit.

They do say that hippos are among the most dangerous of animals.

And I know of somebody who can prove it!

Well, I dunno. I’m not really seriously arguing against the proposition that hippos are damned dangerous, but I think that as far as this specific case goes, you could argue that if a goddamned bear swallows you, you fucking well stay swallowed, and none of this giving interviews afterwards.

what. the. fuck.

Sounds from the description that he was actually headfirst inside the hippo’s maw, with his legs outside. A far cry from actually being swallowed, but a damned good escape, nonetheless.

I thought this was going to be about that police dog eating a hippo now.

That’s REALLY going to slow down the SDMB response time!