Don't walk on the backs of hippos.

Not even if you’re a crocodile.

A crocodile thinks he’s found a convenient bridge, but the “bridge” has other ideas.


It’s just crying to be made into one of those proverbs that doesn’t quite make sense: “Not even a crocodile can walk across the backs of hippos.”

It reminds me of sheep dogs. Sheep are obviously a safer animal to try this sort of stunt with.

Why would a crocodile want a “bridge” or want to to stay out of the water?

If one person tells me that today…

Crocs and hippos usually have an uneasy alliance. As long as the crocs don’t mess with hippo babies or try anything stupid, hippos will live and let live. This croc probably stepped in a hippo ear or got too close to a young’un, causing that reaction.

Somebody tell me that I am not the only one that read the tittle as Don’t walk on the backs of Hippies.

bridge? i think the croc was trying to get into the pool! damn hippos hogging all the real estate :smiley:

All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus.

i want one of the farting hippo dolls like Abbey in NCIS has …

I don’t know. If I’ve seen further than others, it’s because I’ve been standing on the back of hippos.

Thought it was safer than walking “under” them?

Geez, those vicious bastards will kill you for sure!

I’m going to show that sequence of pictures to our kitten. Maybe then he’ll think twice about walking on the backs of his sisters.

Oh, me, too!!! But have you priced those buggers??:dubious:

I saw a nature show and it was interesting…

The hippos were afraid of the lions, but not the crocs.

The crocs were afraid of the hippos but not the lions

The lions were afraid of the crocs but not the hippos

It’s like rock/paper/scissors :slight_smile:

Throw in a pig-like mammal and you have croc covers tapir!

Picture of the week.

In other hippo news, an Australian pig hunter shot a pygmy hippo by mistake in the Northern Territory. It is thought the African mammal was holidaying with friends when the tragedy occurred. The hippo consulate has sent a crack investigative team to look into the incident, the Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros are expected to be landing in Darwin later this evening. (YouTube.)

My wife has ‘fear’ of crocodiles (and alligators) but not so much of hippos. When we went on a family vacation to Tanzania one of the safaris had a lunch break next to the hippo pool. They were safely in the water some distance away. We actually ate lunch in the truck because the birds (hawks?) were diving at us trying to snatch our sandwiches. It was a couple days later that she discovered that the hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. She was not pleased that I knew this and didn’t tell her.

She has added hippos to her list.

I can’t wait to show her these photos!:smiley: