Hippy Hell Awaits You Jack..

I got 40. Yo, it was rigged. The man don’t listen to the brothers and sisters, dig? I got a pick with a fist in it, my man wore a dashiki. That test had no funk, no groove. What happened to Motown?
Fight the power!

I got a 73…hmm.

I think most of that was because of the hair. I had Dr. LindyHopper measure it, and she says it’s 12 inches below my shoulders (that’s the bulk of it; some of it comes down to my waist). Since I’m male, that was 48 points right there. Anyhoo, most of the rest was stuff I did/had in college. I don’t really consider myself a hippie. I had a brief thing for the Dead in college (2 years, I guess), but I never saw them in concert, and I don’t like them much anymore. I’d rather listen to Black Flag or Indigo Swing or Hank Williams (Sr.) these days. Oh well.

78-ish for the first test
around 150 for the neo-one

can ya dig it?

I got 116 on the neo-hippie one. I feel much better now. Peace, love and understand yall.

I got a 7. Sorry for oppressing you all. :wink:

Duude, I got an 83.

I’m like totally flipping out man. Now had I took this test 20 years ago, I’ve gotten like 1,000.

91, man, although I consider myself to be rather a bloodthirsty, gun-advocating, 'Nam-winning sort of hippie. I like trees, though. Had they asked more questions about Minor Threat and Scream, I’m sure I would have scored lower.

Well, I guess I am the guy everyone needs to watch out for. I scored -184. Thank god I only voted for Reagan once. :o