Hippy Hell Awaits You Jack..

Unless you get that tie-dye off your back!

So how about it folks! Take the ‘hippy test’…


I got a ‘3’. Not only am I the man, but I am SO much the man that I’m probably a punk or a nark or something.

Just remember that…

Heh. I scored a -3. It would have been lower, but I was 3 and 7 the two times Reagan ran for president, so I couldn’t vote for him.

I got a 63.

Groovy, man.

Man, I got a 48. And I always wish I was a hardcore punk rock girl.

Like, a 68 for me, man. I think, I lost count, but still it’s, like far out, man.

Oh my God–I said “Man” in that previous post. I should just get rid of all my Clash albums now. . .

Like, I got a groovy 78, man, can you dig it?

Does it count if half of the score was for hair??

A negative two.

And I even use ‘groovy’ on a regular basis.


I had to cheat a little on my 68.
First of all, I’m not sure on the hair thing. It could be four inches below my shoulders, could be more, could be less, I never measure the length of any part of my body.

Second, I don’t have my bead-and-yin/yang necklace anymore, but I do have a Yin/Yang symbol tattooed on my shoulder, so I counted it.

Here’s the big maybe (brace yourselves) … when I was 19 I did vote for Ronnie, but I was stoned at the time so I didn’t take the hit on points.

Dopers’ call.

I got an 84.

Stop laughing at me, okay? Its just the way I am. The long hair and birkenstocks did it. [sub] and the high school protests and my musical tastes…[/sub]




[sub]it was the fire escape escape plan for my Dead tapes and crossing state lines that tipped me over the edge…[/sub]

and I would have had even more but my tie-dye isn’t hand-made…dammit!!

49, I think, but I didn’t bother to measure the hair.

Ha! I figured I’d be negative.

[sub]It must have been the drugs.[/sub]

I only got a 58, but that’s because my hair is very short. I’ll have to start growing it one of these days, though, if I want to have that long, silver braid down my back when I’m 50.

And anyone who wants can take 10 points off their score if they can identify where I took the title of this thread!

That makes be a -7, adjusted!

  1. Obviously I am neither here nor there.
  1. Not too bad…I figured it would be something like that.

I got a 1. Paul was my favorite Beetle.

Wow, I never knew I was such a trippy hippie! I got a 101, and that’s without seeing the Grateful Dead or owning any bootleg stuff.

Did anyone take the neo-hippie test? I got a 139 on that one.

Do I not have to bathe often now? I don’t have to wear patchouli, do I? I hate that stuff…

73 on the hippy test, but 173 on the neo-hippie test. I don’t think I’ve been to enough concerts to do well on the first test. But it justifies my username.