Hiring a private investigator

I have a name and a birthdate, as well as possible former residences.

Can a private investigator use this information to track down information on someone? I was told the SSN was needed, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

I’m just looking for information, not having someone trailed. How much should I expect to pay for such a service?

Name and date of birth should be enough for a PI to get a lot of information. SSN can be usefull as well, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

I have no idea about prices. Where do you need the search done? I know a couple of PIs here in Washington State, and one in Las Vegas.

Are you just curious about this person, or do you want them arrested if they are in fact a fugitive? If it’s the latter, you could always send an anonymous letter to the city or state (like state Dept. of Justice) with your person’s name, address, description, photo, and briefly state that there MAY be a warrant for them. The local Police or state authorities could run the info. and take it from there. Cost? 37 cents.

Let’s just say this person has told a bunch of stories that do not add up. I want to make very very sure before I make any decisions.

If he is “good”, he can get almost anything.

He can get the ss number for you.

I went to high school with a private investigator, and he can get almost any info on somebody you could possibly want.