HIRING: Invent, design, implmnt comp algorithms; analyze comp h\w & s\w pblms w/tech & logical ....

the following job ad is regularly appearing on New York craigslist:

grrr… Where is the full moon, this makes me want to howl at it. As well as at the sort of people who hold the job of HR Mgr or allow such an HR Mgr to keep coming to wrk every day in order to scrw things up through boundl. incomptnce.

Sounds like they want an entire department in one hire. And they were trying to fit the ad into one paragraph with a character limit.

Is it just the pathological abbreviation that’s got you upset here? The ad was probably originally written for something like a print classified, where extra space costs a ton. It’s not exceptionally hard to read. Sure, if you’re putting something online, there’s no need to be so space-conscious, but then, is it really worth rewriting it? I’m guessing that in today’s market, you’ll get a ton of applicants no matter how dense your writing (or how horrible-sounding the job).



TimeWinder, it’s not that it’s horrible-sounding, it’s that, as Sunspace said, they’re looking for a single person to do the work of between 6 and 20. Probably for the price of half, too…

Sounds like an ad for a recruiter to gather resumes, or some kind of scam or prank.

I’m slightly inclined to agree with TriPolar, as the listing explicitly calls for MSWin 9x and {NT} 4.0. I challenge the Dopers to find someone with CURRENT six months experience using those operating systems.

I don’t know. Sounds like a list of all the different things a software engineer might be expected to do over the course of one’s employment. I don’t find it to be very extraordinary.

HR does some truly stupid things when it comes to tech positions, though. Back in '97, our HR department put out an ad for a position that required 5 years of Java experience. Sounds fine and dandy, except for the minor fact that Java had only been released 2 years earlier.

mrklutz, postings like that are so legendary, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of them MORE often.

bonk posted within the last 60 seconds…

But requirements are supposed to list current expectations, not everything you may ever do in the course of a lifetime of employment.