Historians- Q about wars

In recorded history has there been any long periods of peace? I know when things start going back before say the Roman empire it probably gets hard to pin it down, but lets say in the last 2000 years.

Has there been a time when NOBODY in the world was fighting a war? If so, what is the longest stretch of time?

Depends how you define war. My off-the-cuff WAG is that there is almost always some sort of minor border scuffle/military tension or something going on somewhere.

If you mean “major wars” ( that made it into recorded history ), which might be a pretty difficult category to define in of itself, and you rule out internal disturbances - I dunno. I’ll have to think on it some. Might be a hard question to answer, considering how big an area we’re talking about - That’s a lot of history to comb through.

  • Tamerlane

The temple of Janus in ancient Rome (two headed God of doors and beginings) used to have its doors open whenever there was conflict within the borders of the empire - apparantly, the doors were only ever closed twice during its history. Cite

I know that it doesn’t really answer the question, but, when you have the knowledge…


Certainly, when considering the continent of Australia in isolation - prior to European colonisation - there doesn’t seem to be any evidence whatsoever of any sort of war between the indiginous folk known as “Aborigines”. By all accounts, it would appear that they were a remarkably “laid back” bunch of guys.

I suspect they took their “cues” from koalas!

Boo Boo, I don’t suppose they went in much for written history, though. Even if they were peaceful, they were still human.

I would count internal disturbances as a war- revolutions ect. Military actions. Like in Guatemala back in the 90’s.

What really got me thinking about this was a co-workers comment about how there seems to be so many wars lately. I told him it was just because the media was reporting them and there is always something going on, especially in Africa and Indonesia. (He was playing on the End of times schtick- wars and rumors of wars etc)

I don’t think you could find a single year in which no one anywhere was fighting a war. For a quick idea of how many wars people actually fight here is a complete list of all wars and attrocities of the 2th century http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/warstats.htm . Adding the fact that the 20th century is by far our best documented century, I think the pattern becomes clear. By the time you add the constant tribal warfare of groups like the Yannimani [sp?] and the New Guinea highlands, I think it is safe to assume that there has never been a period of global peace.