What's the closest we've ever come to world peace?

Or I guess I should say “When did we have the least amount of war going on in the world?”

For the sake of this thread we’ll say post Hunter/Gatherer era.

Right now.

The total number of wars, their size, & intensity level has been decreasing since 1945.

The moon

Probably right now. Such is the contention of these gentlemen ( Steven Pinker and Joshua Goldstein ) anyway.

I daresay it predates mitosis.

I would guess on September 10th 2001. Either then or on Election Day in 2000 when Al Gore lost (if you believe Bush planned on invading Iraq all along.)

Right in the middle of the Second Congo War? No way. See:

I’m not sure of the answer to the OP question, but today is plausible.

How 'bout late August 1945?

For twenty minutes.

At the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Yep, except it’s been declining since long before then.

The Iraq war was peanuts, as wars go. We all (well, mostly) hate Bush, but no need to make shit up to bolster that. That’s what he did-- make shit up.

A blender, and a package of Bird’s-Eye…

Yeah, today is actually a pretty good guess. No major hot wars, and very few regional conflicts. Even the ME is pretty quiet.

Today would be my guess as well, at least as a percentage of humans fighting or being affected by fighting to humans not involved in any sort of fighting at all.

Yes, even now. Africa’s own World War is bad - but in the scope of human history, any random human being’s odds of dying a violent death (not just war, but crime-related) is lower now than at any time in human history. And most likely pre-history, for that matter. Stephen Pinker’s “Better Angels of Our Nature” elaborates upon this at doorstop-length.

For all that we still have some frankly horrifying violence, this is a golden age by any reasonable measure.


Civil war in Greece and China. Colonial rebellions in the Far East which caused the British several thousand casualties.

The first half of 1925 seems a good candidate; it’s after the Russian Civil War & the Georgian uprising had been put down; there was a minor spat between Bulgaria and Greece in October, and the start in July of a Sryian revolt against the French.

I heard the Neolithic was very peaceful, and that people had Mother-oriented religions back then. Not sure how true that is.

This era is surprisingly peaceful but of course coming out of WW2 and the Cold War it’s expected that there isn’t any many wars in comparison. Some things are worse now though, like human trafficking and economic inequality in Western countries.

“Not true”, would be best.

Apples & Oranges.