Historians & The Generations in the Bible

Just wondering: If one were to make enough sense out of the clues in the Old Testament as to who begat whom, about how many years back would that put:

a) Abraham?
b) Noah?
c) Adam and Eve?

I am going by the premise that this is possible, as I have heard. Also, where do biologists, archeologists, and the like place these events on their geo-timeline?
Thanks, - Jinx

This has already been done, famously, by a chap named Ussher - he put the creation of the Earth at something like 4004 BC on November 10th, mid-morning.

They don’t. Period.

Pratchett/Gaiman wrote a bit about Ussher in the opening chapter of their book Good Omens - it may be found quoted here.

“In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, which beginning of time, according to this chronology, occurred at the beginning of the night which preceded the 23rd of October in the year 710 of the Julian period.”
–Bishop Ussher, The Annals of the Old Testament.

Note that that wold put the creation of Adam & Eve at about Oct. 29.

Jews calculate diffrerently:

Adam and Eve: created 3760 BCE
Noah: born 2704 BCE, flood 2104 BCE, died 1754 BCE
Abraham: born 1813 BCE, died 1638 BCE