History Channel, eat a bag of dicks for shilling Scientology!

Where’s the Jewish smiley when I need it to pair with this one? ----> :smack:

Let’s not make a mountain out of a mohel here folks.

I really tried to avoid posting to this thread but I can’t help myself. It should be SACK of dicks. I feel better now.

That was the old history channel, where they went heavy on the free Nazi stock footage but at least it was history. I never thought I’d miss The Hitler Channel days, but now it’s mostly “DID NOSTRADAMUS PREDICT THE ROSWELL CRASH WOULD KILL THE LAST DESCENDANT OF CHRIST AND MARY MAGDALENE?” nonsense or Ice Truckers (where they no longer even pretend to be historiented). About the only shows on there I still like watching are Wild West Tech (they’ve done one-shot spin-offs like Bible Tech and Civil War Tech but need to do more) and Cities of the Underworld.

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OOohh. Good find!

Apparently it’s in Spokane, WA.

Coarse salt just doesn’t go with circumcision. I don’t have that particular part and it’s stinging.


FX: Whoosh of opening a vacuum-sealed jar

The coarse salt is for both kashering and pickling.

Nostradamus clearly predicted the rave:

At the hour of the middle
Children dance at the graves
Water will be sorely missed
The drums will beat and the peacemakers employed.
- Century XXI

Obviously, “graves” can be interpreted as “raves” by removing one letter and the drum beats refer to house music. People on X need to drink water and peacemaker is another word for pacifier.

It’s all there if you look for it!!!