History Channel, eat a bag of dicks for shilling Scientology!

In their sereis, Hooked, Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way, “LSD, Ecstasy and Raves”, the generally idiotic documentary features extensive segments of an interview with Scientology spokesdroid Clark Carr. He spews the usual idiocy. I’m sure the scienos scored this one as a big “win”. :rolleyes:

A bag of dicks? Why don’t you sell proper food?

OK, then… How about a bag of moldy dicks?

“Eat a bag of dicks” is a perfectly cromulent insult. Of course, I had thought that one of my acting school classmates had coined the term. I’m glad to see that the suggestion is in wider circulation, and aimed at the scientologists.

Are you sure it was the History Channel? I don’t see any mention of Nazis.

They probably cut out the part where ecstasy is compared to anti-depressants (apparently they are similar), whereupon the Scientology gets to start in on the Nazis. A bold prgramming move for them, I’d say.

Who what the hey now?

Aside from acting on serotonin levels, there is little to no commonality between Ecstasy and a standard SSRI like Prozac. The former floods your brain with a tidal wave of serotonin and the latter tells your receptors to hang onto what little serotonin they can get their little paws on. Apples to oranges.

If they were at all similar, depressive housewives would suddenly start rubbing up against their husbands like cats in heat, mothers recovering from post-partum depression would start compulsively cuddling stuffed animals, and sales of shiny objects and glo-sticks to middle-aged professionals would go through the roof.

You may as well start comparing aspirin to rat poison.

But then again, this is the History Channel… not Discovery Health. :rolleyes:

Right, you can identify Discovery Health by the random cuts to babies and footage of surgery.

I, too, had thought someone in my circle of friends had coined the term, only to have a web search reveal that it’s a fairly well-circulated phrase. The earliest Usenet cite I could find is late 2001.

But why keep them in a bag? What kind of bag are we talking here - a mesh bag like for oranges, or a giant lawn clippings bag? :confused:

This seems highly relevant.

Will a can of dick do?

That would depend on how many you have.

Are the dicks Kosher?

That depends on having both (aleph) proper Rabbinical supervision and (bet) coarse salt.

And of course… (gimel) a Moyl.

I for one am totally against the random cutting of babies. You do that shit on purpose or you don’t do it at all.

A thread about Scientologists quickly turns into a thread about dicks-and isn’t a hijack. :smiley:

Only if they’ve been circumcised.

That’s what the Mohel (Hebrew) /Moyl (Yiddish) is for (post #16).