History Uploader: What is it? Do I need it?

I installed Zone Alarm yesterday & have been getting something called “History Uploader” that wants access to my computer. I keep saying “no,” but wonder if it’s something I need for my system or through my ISP. Couldn’t find anything good through search engines. Anyone know about “History Uploader?” I also tried a SDMB search with no luck. Thanks.

I could only find this link which contains another link which no longer works. Is Visual Networks your ISP ? They were previously Inverse Network Technology. I searched the Visual Networks site for History Uploader and got nothing though. If Zone Alarm says this History Uploader wants out to the internet instead of in from the internet I’d say that’s what it is.

Sorry that wasn’t a whole lot of help as far as an exact answer goes.

Thanks, Gut, for the reply. I don’t have that ISP. I also forgot about Google Groups as a good search engine (sort of), & there are some discussions there, although scanty to me. Seems to be some stats gatherer. But doesn’t seem essential. So I’ll keep it out. So far, I’m fascinated with Zone Alarm. And keep checking the possible intruders with http://www.arin.net/whois/arinwhois.html

If you have a new motherboard with a Phoenix BIOS with PoenixNet what you have is a “network feature” in the words of the company. Many others though, call it spyware:


The guys at theregister.com (a good UK tech web site) were grumbling about this “feature” since June:

Thanks, GIGObuster, for reply & links. I determined that my ISP is doing the History Uploader. Maybe this is also how I get too much spam. I don’t know the type of motherboard, etc., but maybe I can find out from the literature I originally rec’d w/the PC.

Violet…History uploader is part of Quicken. If you have Quicken 2000 (as I have), it’s the little goodie that dowloads stock prices/credit card balances, etc.

Do this:

Double click the ZA icon in the systray.
Click Programs once the ZA interface comes up.

That will show you a list of all (I mean all) programs that have tried to access the internet since you installed ZA. There will be various check marks next to each as to whether it is allowed free rein, or has to ask each time, or is banned. Find History Uploadeer in the list (they will not be in alpha order, but in the order of use) Hover over the History Uploader Icon and it will show you the properties (where it’s located). Mine says:


So I guess this History Uploader’s real name is Arupld32.exe.

Hope this helps. :wink:

PhiloVance, thanks for input. I followed your instructions, & this is what I get:
C:Program Files\Inverse IP Insight\SBC\Arupld32.exe

Also searched engines using just “Arupld32.exe,” and here is one bit of info.:

That links defines Arulpd32.exe as “Part of the AT&T WorldNet dialer. It is called Inverse IP Insight, and it collects connection information for upload if you contact customer care via phone.”

I don’t use Quicken, & I don’t have AT&T!

So far, there does not seem to be a problem in keeping History Loader out.

Hey, thanks for the info. Since it was with the Intuit stuff I may have made a grand assumption I shouldn’t have. Will have to definitely check this out. Thanks again, Violet.


One for the road. Just found http://www.demon.net/downloads/inverse/
It contains the same red logo on my Zone Alarm programs box.
Part of its readme file: “To improve its network service to you, an ISP may program the Client to occasionally and unobtrusively perform simple network tests in the background, such as “pinging” a network location. Test results are uploaded with the call monitoring data. The uploaded data contains no identifying information that
would violate your privacy, and does NOT monitor what you do on the Internet, such as which Web sites you visit.”

I have DSL with dialup access for backup. I still don’t think I need this thing. Whenever I called tech support they never seemed to have a record or log of anything!

Have a nice remaining day, everyone. Thanks again.