Hitchcock's musical

Waltzes from Vienna


Anyone actually seen it? And, more importantly, why is it the master’s only sound film impossible to find on video or DVD?

Believe me, I’ve been searching for years.

Que sera, sera.

It’s available dubbed in French on VHS and DVD.

Is it a musical, though? In Truffaut’s book Hitchcock decribes it as, “a musical without music.”

He also decribes it as his lowest ebb, which probably accounts for why no one is rushing to make it available.

There’s plenty of music: many Johann Strauss’s waltzes are performed. It’s just not a “song” musical.

In that case, 2001 is a musical. :slight_smile:

Flawed analogy. 2001 used oodles of classical music in its soundtrack, but it wasn’t about music or those who make it. In this case, I think Amadeus would be closer, as it is the story about a composer. Musical? Gray area, I’d say, but tend towards no.


Does anyone really use “musical” to mean “about musicians?” (I mean, who refers to 8 Mile or This is Spinal Tap or Sid and Nancy as “musicals?”)