Hitler Kitty

I don’t know what’s funnier—the Hitler kitty, or the fact that its owner is named “Annette Blows.”


Got chocolate milk?

“Herr kitty kitty.” Hee hee.

She should trim her thatch to match!

My cat has pubes.

The owner’s name is definitely funnier. Definitely. How does a girl get through life with that name? On her knees, most likely!

Eh. I think this cat looks a bit more like Hitler.

Eine Katze! Ein Fisch! Ein Hairball!

Rabid Child, did you notice that the owner of the cat in your link was named “Monique Smolders?” There’s a joke in there somewhere about Monique Smolders, but Annette Blows, or something that’s actually funny.

Who cares if a cat looks like Hitler? My ringneck parrot looks exactly like Osama bin Laden!

Now what’s that knocking noise and why is Ashcroft on my front porch?

But Carnivorousplant already covered the cat/Hitler conundrum in Teemings No. 1!

(I love that story; I’ve linked many a Rex Stout fan to it, and they’ve all nearly died laughing.)

Must … resist … making … Meow-schwitz … jokes …

Ach! It’s der furrer.

Hello Hitler!

We had one of those Hitler kittens when I was a kid. We named it Hitler.