Nazi Kitties!

Sieg Katze! Maybe The Boys From Brazil wasn’t that far off, after all.

I thought you’d be linking to this:

Come on, now. Those kittens are clearly Communist.

One of the advertising links below says “Become a Powerful Leader”.

My cat Rocco already is a powerful leader.

Third one from the bottom looks more like Charlie Chaplin than Hitler. Conversley, The fourth one from the top looks the most like Hitler.

Now it says “Take Back Congress.” I, for one, welcome our new fascist feline overlords.

Diesem Kätze ist Ost-Kätze!

Yea, some are definitely more Hitler than others.

Maybe they should branch out and do more historical figure lookalikes. Then you’d have a place for your Charlie Chaplin kitties and so forth.

Hmmm … I wonder what that fellow Godwin looked like?

I also saw a Groucho-kitty, an Hercule Poirot-kitty and even a Robert Pastorelli-kitty.