Kitties! Lots of kitties!

It’s hard to be dark, mysterious and broody when there are sites out there like this.

I just had to share the cuteness overdose. :slight_smile:

Kittens!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:: falls over ::


Just … :cool: and :smiley: . Love it. :smiley:

AWWWW!!! So cute! It takes every fiber in my being not to adopt every kitty or cat I see at Petsmart! :smiley:

I give you…Cats in Sinks!

It’s about cats. In sinks.

And we mustn’t forget about…

Cats that look like Hitler! :smiley:

What is it about cats that makes them second in popularity only to porn on the internet?

Have you ever seen Cute Overload? Not just kittens, but much cuteness!

Oh, and don’t forget the Daily Kitten! And Kitten Wars!

So much kitten-y goodness everywhere!

The sad thing is, I’ve wiled away countless hours perusing all of the sites mentioned. I’m a geek for cats.

And let’s also not forget Shopcat. My mom has a friend who’s a cat vet, and he put his clinic cats up on that site. There’s some great ones – I love “working” cats!

best cat pictures ever

our kitty

This is our kitty “Snickers”. She is DA BOMB!! :smiley:


Let’s not forget

And my kitties!