Look at the cute kittens!

Don’t even think about clicking if you’re on dialup


I want a kitty!

Dang it!

Now I wants me a widdle kitty. :frowning:

(My sweetie would smother me in my sleep, we have 3 cats already!)

That page has been posted before; but it never gets less cute.

I particularly like the ones with kittens and puppies. Interspecies friendship is something that always gives me a warm fuzzy. See also this image of true love.


Yes, I’ve seen a number of those before, and they get cuter every time. Some darn good photography, too. Is the photographer ever credited in the source?

Must resist. Do not need more baby kitties. Be strong. :smiley:

Wow! I’ve never seen so many delightful kittie pics on a page before! Exceptional! I’l be purring for days!

Aww…they’re so cute. Makes me want to have a kitten, but my parents say they have their hands full with the six-pound dog we have… :frowning:

Yay! I’ve been using images from site for my desktop for weeks. So incredibly cute!

Also, one of those images is the base for the Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten" picture.

That reminds me of a phrase I saw somewhere: “Every time you kill God, a kitten masturbates”

Or something like that.

Awwww- those are so adorable! I really like that one with the hedgehog, and the one with the raccoon, and the one with the dandelion, and the one with the…

If I weren’t at home with my adorable and faithful NinjaPup resting her head on my foot, I’d start crying at that page.

Since I am where I am, I just have an intense urge to go adopt a kitty. Which my parents would very much not appreciate.

That’s a lot of kittens.

Whew. When I first saw this one,, I thought at first that the kitten on the far left had pursed human lips! Ewww!

Then I looked closer. Like I said, whew.

Fuzzerheads are so cute!

I love the one with the kitties jumping over the rocks. Great photography!

My cat was a little kitty a year ago. Today’s he’s a full fledged cat. He’s gorgeous but I miss those baby days just a little. Sigh.