'Hitler paintings' fail to sell at auction in Germany

BBC article here. My heart truly bleeds that people would decide to not spend their money on the works of this evil man.

Oh, and many of the lots were confiscated as possible forgeries. :slight_smile:

Gee I wonder why nobody wants them…lol

Where would the money go when these items are bought?

Also the accusations of forgery and the fact that they were selling these in Germany was probably part of the problem. Had they sold them in China or the US I’m guessing there’d be less controversy.

If you actually read the article you would have noted the same auction house in Germany has sold Hitler painting a few time already and almost every Hitler auction is accompanied by forgery accusations.

I assume the money goes to whoever owns them now. It wasn’t a charity auction.

I actually did read the article, and I missed that part.

That wicker chair does kind of look comfy.

I mean to be honest, a genuine painting by Hitler is one heck of a conversation piece. Especially if the painting is a bad one.

“They say if only he’d been accepted to art school all that nasty business would have been avoided. Well, here’s why he didn’t get in.”

Of course, given the proper length of time they may end up quite valuable. Especially since nobody wants them.

Enough separation of time and basically only notoriety tends to survive.

Imagine a possession of Nero’s
Especially a musical instrument ( not the fiddle it didn’t exist at the time)