Hitler's silverware

Hitler’s silverware (at least it’s Nazi insignia silverware) is going to be auctioned off. Some GI brought it home and his family is selling it.
Given that some of the artwork stolen during WWII that is showing up is now being claimed by the original owner’s decendents, can this silverware be claimed by anybody? Is war booty not considered stolen property or is there some sort of statute of limitations on it?

Any Schickelgrubers out there need some flatware?

I would venture to say that the silverware was probably made especially for Hitler. After all, the Nazi insignia isn’t exactly a traditional emblem on flatware.

  • The Rape of Europa * is an excellent book about the Nazi’s theft of Europe’s art.

I saw it, it looks like standard officers’ silverware used during the war.

"Lot number 576 in your catalogue, ladies and gentlemen;

One pair XXXL silk boxer shorts with winged swastika motif, believed to be from the estate of Hermann Goering. Some rubbing and wear to seat area, small area of staining should be noted.

We’ll open the bidding at $1200…"

:::writes down “Hitler’s Silverware” in notebook under “Potential Band Names”:::

“Come on, Phonics Monkey–drum!”

Truth, Billy, is stranger than fiction…


Potential band name!–<giggle>

… and what type of music would that be?

I personally think “Mao’s chopsticks” would sound better as a band name…

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What kind of music? Typical Rhine goth.
Bavarian punk with accordians and oompahs.

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Cool music :slight_smile:

One question about the Hitler Silverware:

is it guaranteed to last a thousand years?