Hitler's testicle

Minor quibble on the Hitler’s testicle column. It says:

“Moreover, the [Russian] autopsy report said Hitler’s body showed no external wounds, even though all the German witnesses mentioned a shot through the head.”

I’ve just been reading the report, a summarised in “The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler” by David Lewis (Heinrich Hanau Publications, UK, 1977, ISBN 0 426 08715 1). Actually, it says that the body was “disfigured by fire”, and that most of the upper part of the head was missing (“Parts of the occipital bone, the left temporal bone, the lower cheekbones, the nasal bones, and the upper and lower jaws are preserved”). Therefore it’s quite possible that he was shot through the head, but the damaged portion wasn’t available for autopsy.

Don’t know how much credence you place on History Channel documentaries, but I saw a good one addressing Hitler’s demise. It was very thorough and even pointed out the exact spot where his last remains are buried.

According to the show, the autopsy did show a bullet hole in the skull and the portion of the skull was shown with a hole which had been stored in a Kremlin vault. All other remains were handled as below. They even showed the autopsy report.

Fascinating show. Stalin was absolutely obsessed with confirmation of Hitler’s death because rumors abounded that the body was a double and Hitler escaped. The remains were autopsied to death. Then, to prevent any possibility of remains falling into the wrong hands and initiating any sort of ritual worship by his enemies (Stalin’s), they were secretly shuttled from one hiding place to another eventually ending up, I believe, under the cement floor of a car garage.

Isn’t it usually the other way around?