HIV-AIDS connection

I’ve seen a number of posts over time that allude to the “fact” that a number of AIDS cases did not indicate HIV infection.

I was under the impression that AIDS is specifically the reaction caused by HIV, and that other “AIDS-like” cases resulted from depressed immune systems arising from something other than HIV.

I’m obviously missing something. Any ideas??

Also, is there any credibility in the reporting that some people have died of AIDS/HIV infection some years before 1979?

I’ve heard the stories, but I haven’t heard that the doctors were reasonably sure that that was the cause.

Check out the thread “Was AIDS man-made?” in the forum COMMENTS ABOUT CECIL’S COLUMNS. Jillgat is our resident expert on this, and her recent post (10/11/99 at 4:40 PM) addresses your question.

Link: AIDS: A man-made disease?

In my other message I pointed people to I’d like to give another link which I think is one of the best clearinghouses on current HIV/AIDS information:

That kind of puts down prostitutes, some woman just have to do that to survive.

More like since there is now HIV, why do people still have sex?
Sex is NOT the cause, never was.

The virus was finally isolated in, what year, 83? At any rate, yes it was here way before then. One guy at the CDC told me on the phone they have samples of it going back to 09.

What that means is that there are tons of viruses in your body right now which there are no names for yet & haven’t been found but some day when someone eats something or whatever & one shows itself, & a lot of people get it, then science may look for it.