HIV+ woman wants to "share the wealth".

Currently happening in my city:

This HIV+ woman was previously busted for trolling the barracks at the nearby military base wearing not much more than a pink thong and offering guys sex. She then disappeared from the women’s halfway house while on probation, and was found in Toronto IIRC. Now she’s up on charges of having unprotected sex without notifying her partners of her HIV+ status.

I don’t care if her “viral count is low” or whatever. She willingly put the lives of those men in danger.

That being said: IMO those men are not “victims.” She did not force herself on them. She did not drug or rape them. **They willingly had unprotected sex with a stranger. ** I don’t know about anybody else but I am offended by the use of the term “victim” in this case.

Also: she got PAID $20 to receive oral sex? SWEET DEAL.

If I know I am infected with smallpox and I reach out and shake your hand, are you a victim?

On so many levels. (ISWYDT :slight_smile: )

Yes, she did. In extraordinary circumstances there is an active obligation for disclosure, and not merely to wait until the other party stumbles upon the subject. You cannot neglect to tell a sexual partner that you have HIV, any more than you can sell someone a car and neglect to tell them that the brake lines have been cut.

By hiding her disease she rendered any consent invalid, and thus is guilty of rape.

Isn’t HIV transmission from women to men incredibly rare? I’d imagine with a very low viral load, it would be almost impossible. Not that she isn’t a super bitch for doing this, just… it really didn’t put those guys at any significant risk.

But, you know, I’d actually love it if the standard for what constitutes rape was lowered, so I support her prosecution. I just hope when the millions of men who lie for sex are put on trial for rape, no one here complains.

This. It’s very, very rare. And these guys need to be prepared for the risks for having unprotected sex with strangers.

Are you putting lying about being an Astronaut on par with lying about HIV status?

I fail to see how rape entered the discussion. If you want to charge her with something it is attempted murder.

Potentially, yeah. Why not? These guys had almost no risk of infection; they are prosecuting her because she lied. A lie is a lie is a lie. If you say you’re an astronaut, and I sleep with you, and I would not have had I known you were just a manager at Denny’s, then it’s rape by deception, just like here.

And would you be telling the guy that the only reason you slept with him was because he was an astronaut, or would you be telling him he was cute and funny and handsome?

It’s not attempted murder either. If anything, perhaps battery.

That’s what the rape trial is for.

Hey, you seemed to enjoy your grand slam®.

Thant’s avoiding the question. If it is rape by deception on one side, is it also rape by deception on the other?

I’m sorry, but i don’t think the two are equivalent. In the one case, she’s potentially transmitting a disease that could kill the person, put them on expensive meds, etc, etc. In the other case you have someone who is disappointed that they didn’t sleep with an astronaut.

Thing is, it’s legal to lie. It’s not legal to purposefully put people’s lives at risk. Pretty obvious.

I don’t care, I would have her tattooed HIV POSITIVE several places that are visible. You simply don’t do that sort of shit. Frankly, I would throw her in jail for the rest of her life for pulling shit like that, we don’t need an HIV Typhoid Mary around…

Sez U.

Nice comeback on the misspelling. :smiley:

So the fact that transmission was incredibly unlikely; so unlikely as to be essentially impossible, has no bearing on your outrage, right?

The risk of infection was very very low.

HPV can kill a person. If someone has or thinks they may have HPV and they don’t inform their partner is that also attempted murder? Or rape? What about something like chlamydia? That can rob a woman of the ability to bear children.

Does it have to be a disease to count? What if I know I have the flu, but I go to work? The flu can kill too, and actually I bet it’s statistically more likely to kill someone from flu transmission than from HIV transmission from a low viral load women to a man.