Hlep me mate Bang Xeo and Egg Foo Yung

I do love the crispy Vietnamese filled pancakes known as Bang Xeo. BUT I’m low carbing due to type II diabetes.

The pancakes seem eggy, but in fact, they’re made of high-carb rice flour. That gave me the idea that there might be some way that I can add eggs (egg foo yung-ish) and cut down on the rice flour and still come out with something resembling the original dish?

Maybe in addition to adding an egg, I could substitute almond flour or coconut flour for the rice flour?

Has anyone tinkered with this recipe?

Dang- can’t edit the title. You know what I mean…

No idea on the tinkering, but it’s banh xeo, or really bánh xèo. Good luck with your experimentation. Let us know how it turns out!