hm.. thoughts on.. well, politics, life, etc..

The title is a bit vague, I know…

Thought #1:
My views on politics seem to be not anywhere near center (though I disagree entirely on some select topics that others on my ‘side’ of the political spectrum would generally agree with). I don’t see how my disagreement and voice against what I disagree with does a damn thing. I felt quite strong about voting, for example, but I live in a state that was already decided before any debate began, so I don’t see how my first vote in a presidential election was worth a thing. Yeah, I know if we all said this we’d all stay home and not vote, but being realistic, it just didn’t matter. I hitched a ride to go vote an hour from where I am for most of the year, but now I really doubt that its worth it… it just didn’t matter. my guy would’ve won the state either way, regardless of who won the presidential election. So… I’m not posting on political issues anymore. Voting, though I agree with the idea of it, I just honestly can’t care anymore about it. We had lying jerks in office 25 years ago and I’d bet money that we’ll have roughly the same situation 25 years in the future.

Obviously, as has been mentioned many times before, posting one’s personal situations on the sdmb rarely ends up in a good situation. I’ve had enough pit threads and threats of them, I’m done with it.

I’ll stay away from controvercial thread topics (see #2). I’m bored with how far my pro-marijuana stance, for example, (though I rarely use the drug anymore) gets me. on the other major ‘great debates’, my voice is simply side a or b of something that will not be resolved in the slightest, only leading to a fruitless debate. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose an argument on a message board, in the end nothing changes but a few lines buried in a database.

My own mental well being probably would help a bit from these decisions. I view the boards as more than just a random online community, I’m not a member of any other online message boards, this is the first one I found that I’d want to be a part of. I’ve made a lot of very very very stupid posts (and am honestly shocked I’ve never been banned) and I want to stay here.

My board involvement will probably be less, I come here and look for the interesting topics (which are mostly covered in the above, minus #2, which I try and stay away from here). I know a lot of people will probably say ‘good riddence’… and I really don’t disagree with them. I’ve done and said many stupid things here. I’m just sad that I’ll be less bored and that I might just end up being the ‘average’ poster, one who you’ll never remember the name of nor try and start a conversation with (not that that is my driving motivation here, just that I love getting the occasional ‘hey, what’d you ever end up doing in such and such a situation’ in some thread some months or years later). I’m not leaving the boards (I’ve made fun of enough people who’ve said ‘this is my last post’, those threads are pointless), I just don’t think I’ll be around often.

I don’t know why I feel this should even be its own thread, I just felt like posting it. I don’t feel that my personal ideas about my ideas on the boards are more important than anybody elses, just that I felt like posting this. Its mpsims, please let it sink if it really is not interesting.

anyway, I don’t know why I felt like posting this… but there it is. :frowning:

change “less bored” to “more bored”… yeah, I’m not good at proof reading my stuff.

Heck yeah.

If I go on the computer I check this message board, I like it but outside of this I have a life (like eveybody else, hoepfully) so I see this board as a great resource for information, entertainment and an outlet to write about stuff that you want people to read. Whether that be about your personal life, your opinons or whatever.
And if you say something stupid then just move on, the message board is a hobbie and shouldn’t have such an impact on anybody’s life that they think about it a lot when they aren’t on the computer.

^ Don’t know if that’s relevant at all^

Been drinking?

That’s usually my excuse :frowning:
I’ll give it a shot, though.

  1. You are correct. It’s practically pointless in most areas. Look at my state.

  2. You are correct. I usually regret my enebriated rants. (not that you are necessrily)

  3. You are correct. Pro-marijuana, while correct, is a little boring. Especially when I’m out and my pipes are scraped clean, and I’m too old to either find it or decent deals anymore.

  4. You are correct. ← I don’t know what that means, except I think you may be my long lost twin.

  5. See #4.
    Hey, I like you already. Don’t worry about it.

Cheers and smoke a fatty for me.

nope (though on occasion I have in the past had to go check on what I posted the night before… at least I’ve never said anything outright plain old offensive and/or stupid while drunk… I seem to think better of it… I have this ‘will I regret this in the morning?’ sense)

I don’t feel like it, I’ll quit entirely for weeks at a time even though there’s always smoking going on around my place (roommates/assorted friends). and I brought it up only as an example, it doesn’t really take up any thought through my day.

and don’t think that a pitting here would end up sending me to a psychologist (if anyone thought that from my post), rather, when I am online this is the first place I go and my ideas about what the boards provide for my entertainment, meeting of new people, and conversing with old friends has… changed. I’ll still go to the dopefests, I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever had from them… but the boards have changed in what they are in my head. I don’t think its a good thing overall (the change, not the boards), I’ve been posting here since I was a freshman in high school (I’m a sophomore in college, now) and this place has had an impact on my life. I don’t know if this has ever happened to anyone else, but I’m afraid if I continue to post the way I have (as in stating my mind, talking about my experiences) I will end up being banned. The mods have been more then generous with me for some reason and I guess I might as well quit (not the boards) while I’m ahead. I’m sad to think that my posts will be stuck in the ‘what color are your socks today?’ responses, but I don’t know if there’s any other options but lurking through the threads I find interesting.

I have been depressed on and off for the past couple years (though I am not at the moment) and problems I get into when things are going wrong are pitted by me with such pissed off-ness that eventually I’ll say the wrong thing at the wrong time. These boards have been a great chance for me to express my thoughts, as in life I’m either very social or not at all (more of the latter). Even when social, my true thoughts and beliefs are usually buried, as I don’t trust people that can stab me in the back in ‘real life’. I’m extremely quiet in real life about what is going on in my head, and since I’ve been here for a number of years (through several major transition times of my life) I guess I’ve adapted to keeping things in unless something bothered me a lot, a situation where I’d come to the boards. I can’t do this anymore and I guess I’ll just have to deal with in my head any problems that arise.

This is how I feel at the moment, my thoughts on this might change… but if they don’t… well, guess thats how I’ll be around here… and I’m not trying to sound like this is something that everyone has to know, I’m not trying to put up a sticky that says ‘clayton_e’s posting habits have changed’… its just, well… I guess the last important (to me) and personal thought that I’ll be sharing here… not that I know why.

ha… I can’t do math either… must’ve been my second year of high school.