A challenge

Nobody really gives a rat’s ass what your political feelings are. So let’s try something.

Nobody posts anything in any forum that is politically oriented. No more bitching about McCain/Obama/Biden/Palin/libs/conservatives/whatever. Let’s see if we can do this until the elections. Let the existing threads die a natural death, or better yet, let’s have the OPs request that they be locked.

In other words, shut the fuck up. I’m tired of the sniping and bitching. Yes, I’ve done some myself and I shouldn’t have. My apologies for doing so.

Let’s go back to fighting ignorance instead of propagating it.

I like cheese.

Sounds like you’re giving up on McCain, and would rather not hear about how he’s going to get spanked in November.

Why do you hate America? :smiley:

Oh give me a fucking break and get over your damn self. If you don’t want to know anyone else’s political feelings, I’ve got a suggestion for you. . .


And if you’re unhappy about the volume compared to other topics. . .



Why did you list McCain first? Is this some subliminal bullshit to make us think that McCain is ahead? Typical, make the rules for everyone then break them yourself.


Understand something. Many people have a personal rule where they don’t argue religion or politics with people they know that hold different views.

That’s the beauty of a message board. It’s the outlet and you don’t have to piss off your everyday family, friends or colleagues.

There is nothing more frustrating than U.S. politics. The parliamentary system can get rid of a president, have a new election and hold an inauguration in a lot less time than it takes for a U.S. presidential candidate to start running for President and actually declare their candidacy.

Why have a “Pit” if you can’t vent your frustration on the most frustrating thing that directly affects your life?

What kind of “Great Debate” disallows presidential politics?

Hey, it comes with the territory. If you’ve reached the breaking point, turn off your TV, radio and computer for the next six weeks. It’s only going to get more intense as nerves fray.

Dang, beat me to it.

In bashing McCain, we are “fighting ignorance.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps so, perhaps if we set aside these pointless political interchanges, we can move on to more significant subjects. Who’s up for a brisk debate on the influence of Platonist metaphysics on early Gnostic theology?

Some people like the political stuff. I think they should continue posting just so we can keep an eye on those sonsabitches.

Aww, bless your heart.

Personally, if I were a Republican, I’d want as little political discussion going on as possible myself until the election. McCain’s flailing like someone just hooked him and dumped him on the deck of the boat.

Will it involve feeding the captains of investment banking to enormous grizzly bears?

That is not fair Shayna, too many posters can’t help themselves from posting election BS into threads that are not. It is happeningoften. It gets tiresome and I understand Clothahump even if I think it would be silly for him to think this thread will make a difference.

Jim (BTW: voting for Obama here.)

Perhaps, its certainly an cheerful prospect! But if the grizzlies are subject to intense and abrupt mood swings, would they be bi-polar bears?

Have you no shame? My god, I don’t know how you face yourself in the mirror each morning.

I’m in.

Q: What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and George W. Bush?

A: Lipstick.

I guess I’m out.

Godspeed, Clothahump. I’m glad to see that instead of posting some drive-by right-wing head-up-ass nonsense, then leaving the thread never to been seen again, you’ve decided to just forego posting the nonsense in the first place.

How about we post what we want and you don’t read threads you don’t like? I understand that there is a new forum about Barn Owls. You might like it, there is no politics.

I, on the other hand, am having a great time abusing W’s many minions. Want some?