Hmmm... some folks have too much free time.

It’s cute in a butt-loving way. Enjoy! :smiley:


Huh? You do see the cartoon, right? It’s slow but cute. and HELLO spogga! Nice to see ya!

The page wouldn’t load for me. :frowning:

won’t for me either.

Your butt needs a plug-in apparently;)

WTF was that? You’re right, someone does have way too much free time… (although the same thing could be said about the person who finds these things in the first place ;))

You need to be able to play Quicktime movies. The download is dirt slow.

Yeah, what Lando Griffin said. :slight_smile:

Another offering from a links page I got from another Doper! It’s NOT me!!! BLARGH!

Cool. It looks like the ever elusive Buttata Pokemon has finally been captured on film. Looks like a chipmunk with a free range glandular problem to me.

Shake that booty!

Too slow, I had to give up.


More free time:

That was… different

Kids are great! More butt cute-ness!