Friday Fun

Very funny.

and for the person with too much time on their hands you can watch the brilliant Ninjai

any more?

Oh both open with sound BTW

How about an Albino Squirrel?

Or amazing Sand Drawings?

Or a Talented Frenchman?

crap…just noticed they took those vids down… :frowning:

Ok, I’m putting them on my webspace…but ONLY FOR FRIDAY! Limited time only! :slight_smile:

Ok, once again I give you…

Amazing Sand Drawings and A Talented Frenchman

That is a talented Frenchman. Thanks for that. Good fun

How about this kid?

Or this kid?

As b3ta said: cuter than a 1000 kittens.

Okay, that first one is just too freaking funny.

“But I am Le Tired…”

That makes my day. :smiley:

Talented Frenchman is exceedingly funny.

Can anyone help me with a working link for Sand drawings. I’ve done a search and every single one seems to die part way through the download.