The funniest link I've ever seen

These images were also captioned at - almost as humorous.

Love ya, Scylla, but Things my Girlfriend and I have Argued about is much funnier. So is your story about Drowning the Peruvian.

Good stuff. In an odd way, it reminds me of the weird things they show on
(hope I did that right)
Don’t know who made the shirt, but it’s the same theme as the OP.

You might like The Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning Man (and Family).

This isn’t the best in the world, but it will bring a smile to your face. Helps to have speakers.

Something wrong with the URL, Phax? Can’t seem to get the page. did a photoshop contest on the same theme a while back, too.

Poking fun at these “ready” things is nothing new. Even the Daily Show did it, I believe.

But I’m not complaining. They’re all funny.