There should be a thread to share hilarious but pointless images.



Hand over your nuts…or else!


silly cat

Only because there are two threads on the topic

My current background.

It’s true!

Ph0r 7|-|3 7r0LLZ

That’s scary. I just clicked that and I was in exactly that pose (except mirrored).

I’m one of those people who obsessively save amusing things from the internet on their hard drives. So here are some random samples of my collection.


STOP and smell the roses?



Rave near the guards compartment

A known threat

Truly a gentleman…bird

From my personal collection:

Live and unburied

Needs an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ joke

Keep Right

Left, right?

The Patron Saint of melodious machines

Self-defeating sign

This one cracks me up.

Oh, jellyfish!

But … how did you … HEY! Did I leave my webcam on?

Please pardon the stupidity, but WTF?

That was just weird. I leaned forward, rested my chin in my hand and clicked on the link.

Here’s one I like.

It’s ASCII art – well, UNICODE art. Squint at the pictures and you’ll see a little dude flipping over tables.

“There’s one in every crowd”

Thanks for the hint. I guess I’m not so good with ASCII art. Either that, or my squinting isn’t doing much good. But I do get the point.

Other pages at that site are indeed funny and weird. In that respect, maybe others can find stuff to enjoy (along the theme of this thread) at

Now That’s Nifty