Looking for bizarre/weird/funny, but non-offensive images

We have a bit of a tradition where I work… there’s only a dozen people in our area, and we all get along, so we often put up goofy pictures in the hallway. The weirder, the better. However, we do post them in a patient area, so they can’t be offensive.

So far, I’ve put up the vomiting jack-o-lantern, Fluffy, a llama, and a few things from www.despair.com.

I’m by far the geekiest person here, so computer humor is pretty much a swing and a miss, unfortunately.

I’ve been running out of ideas lately, so let’s share some goofy-ass pictures!

This shouldn’t be too offensive but it might not be quite what you are looking for.

If you can scan at home, then pick and choose, collegehumor . com (link broken because of possibly NSFW ads/content) has a LOT of hilarious stuff (as well as a lot of offensive, NSFW stuff too). It is college related, hence the name, so expect a lot of sex, drugs and booze mixed with the hilarous but less risque things.

The B3taZoo contains may lovely, yet odd, animals.
Two of my faves, the Chipmunkiphant, and the Spidraffe appear on the first page.


Lots of good geeky pictures at The Geometry Junkyard.
Even non-geeks might like some of the linked Anamorphic Art or odd Tilings.

Heh. The catbus rules.

Try [link]www.worth1000.com[/link] as well.

Worth 1000 Meh. I’ll get the hang of this eventually.

Pretty much everything else on somethingawful.com breaks the “non-offensive” requirement, but the Comedy Goldmine thread called “The Greatest Picture Ever” delivers on the name. Nothing in there goes past a PG rating. (But again, the rest of the site is not safe for work, so be forewarned).

And this is like the fourth time I’ve linked to this on the SDMB, but this is truly the Greatest Picture Ever.

Someone posted this here before, but it is my personal favourite picture, like, ever.

How 'bout this? (The rest of the site is good, too.)

I’m guessing this one has been used already.

This one might be a little more obscure, though.

I think this one (WARNING, 600k+!) has a simple, quiet majesty about it. (Although it might not mean anything to the non-technically minded. :smack: )

There’s this, though it might qualify as “offensive.” So is this, but in a very different way.

Superdickery.com is probably a good bet, too.


Here is my little album of goofy-ass pictures I’ve collected from various places on the internet. You may have run into some of these, all of these, or none of these. I keep 'em all in an album to haul out when it seems necessary. Had to seperate them from my regular album after some of the embarrassing mistakes in my linkage in the past.

They’re all pretty innocent. Mostly animals.

Here’s one.

Thanks all, these are great, and I’ve already gleaned several bookmarks from here!

My all-time favorite.

I humble submit this picture of a rabbit with a pancake on his head. (my favorite is the 3rd picture down)

You might try Googling “Star Wars fan pics”. If you’re really lucky, you’ll eventually come across the one of a Star Wars wedding, with the bride and groom flanked by Stormtroopers and an ice sculpture of Yoda between them…