Hoarders on A & E

Anyone watch Hoarders on A & E? It certainly inspires me to throw stuff out.

Tonight was the worst one yet. :eek: This older lady had a house full of rotten food. There’s this rotten pumpkin in the living room. It had already collapsed into this rotten pile of mush. She kept going on and on how it was such a beautiful pumpkin. Then the guy in the clean up crew shovels it off the floor and she picks through it for seeds. :smack:

I can’t believe this lady hadn’t poisoned herself. She had all this rotten meat and she insisted on keeping cheese and other plastic wrapped stuff. It had been sitting in several inches of rotten meat juice. :frowning: Thank goodness her adult stuff convinced her to throw it all out.

This show makes mental illness very visible. The condition of their homes is a mirror of their minds.

Here’s a link from the previous discussion.

Thanks. Looks like most people had the same reaction. It’s time to throw out anything you don’t use.

There was an episode of Holmes on Homes in Season 7. A simple job of replacing bad brick on the house. The Holmes crew had to haul off several trash large bins of junk. That entire house was stuffed full of crap. Holmes couldn’t even get in the basement to check the furnace.

That show was actually what made me want to clean out my room. Not only that, but it gave me the urge to throw away BOXES of things at a time, not just individual things. My boyfriend would show me a box and I’d just say “toss it.” Wouldn’t even go through it. It just got pitched.

With some of these people, you just want to get them completely out of the house, then call in a professional cleaning crew and have them get rid of everything, without the owner’s input. It’d be too cruel, though, and you’d probably be doing more harm than good.

That episode gave me a great way to irritate my wife. I’ll randomly grab some food out of the fridge and hold it up to her and say “It’s not puffy. It must still be good!”. She hates that.

Agreed. My hoarding friend would have a complete and irreversible breakdown if anyone were to remove a single item from her landfill of a house–even old hotel toiletries which have long since gone rancid or dry.

Seriously! A lot of people would look around my loft and wonder if this is really all of the stuff I have and, still, this show makes me want to get rid of anything I haven’t used in the last six months. In fact, this evening, I just filled a laundry basket with clothes I’m getting rid of! I sort of “get” the hoarding of non-perishables, but the food thing? I couldn’t watch! Especially when the Dr. guy almost ralphed.

You might also like to read about the Collyer Brothers, a notorious and tragic case of compulsive hoarding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collyer_brothers. E.L. Doctorow’s latest novel, Homer and Langley, is about them.

It seems that there are only two episodes, total, that they just keep rerunning. Have they made any new ones?

It looks like, from A&E’s website, the next new episode will be November 30. The episode guide there has 7 episodes, so you must be getting a bad mix of reruns.

There’s also a book about them by Franz Lidz called Ghosty Men.