hockey player name pronounciations

Can somebody tell me the real pronounciations for the following NHL players? Different announcers have used different versions and I hate sounding like an idiot when discussing games with co-workers.
Alexandre Daigle
Alexei Yashin
Jarome Iginla
Mariusz Czerkawski
Maxim Afinogenov
Brian Boucher


Let me give em a try
2.Jashin(Ja…as in the the german word for Yes)
3.Iginla( just as it sounds)
6.Boushe.(elongate the E sound at the end…make it sound “french”)

Die hard hockey fan here:

  1. Dayg with a harg g, like “gate” (Not Day-gil)
  2. Yashin (no trickey, the “y” as in “yard” or “yarn”
  3. I-gin-la
  4. Mary us, Sherkofski
  5. A-fin-o-genov (hard g, like “gate”)
  6. Boo-shay (fans will chant - Boooooo-shay…Booooooo-shay)

Regarding Yashin:

I’ve heard both “YAH’-shin” and “yah-SHIN’”
That’s where my confusion lies.

Thanks for the info, Hal and Phil!

Daigle should be DAYG with a sort of little half-pronounced L on the end of it - barely noticeable unless you’re a French speaker.

Actually, us Flyers fans (and probably the Sens fans, too) pronounce “Daigle” as dog.

Woof woof.

And, the goalie for the Flyer is Boooooooooooch!

You missed the best one, Stanislav Neckar. Lets see if anyone can get his last name right.

Of course, one of my favorite player names is Satan, perfect for hockey. Don’t pronounce it correctly, that’s no fun.

I always like Alexei Zhitnik too, because I could pronounce it “shit-nik” & I love cuss words.

Flyers Goalie:

Actually, at home it’s “Booooooosh” (“SH” on the end), and the away fans will chant “Boooooo…Shay…”

Lame-o announcers:

“They’re not booing, folks, they’re saying, ‘Boooooosh’…”

OR, Non-Lame-o announcers:

“They’re not boing folks, they’re saying 'Asssss…Hole…Asssss…Hole…” I’d love to hear someone give play by play like that…

I’m in Dallas. We had a lot of fun with a lot of names in the finals a couple years ago. :slight_smile:

Stanislav Neckar - I beleive its Nets-Caush

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at a Buffalo Sabres boxscore and noticing that Satan scored a power-play goal.

I’ve learned a lot of my hockey pronounciations playing hockey video games with commentary. The only differences I’ve heard from what we’ve got here so far are: Yashin (yah-sheen’) and Iginla (ee-gihn’-lah).

Well, considering the horrible year he had last year (less points than noted scorer…I mean, “goon” Kristikof Oliwa), perhaps your pronunciation is strangely appropriate.

As a guy, I never cared for the name “Ron Tugnutt” :eek:

Funny hockey names

Radek Bonk
Ron Tugnutt
Miroslav Satan
Tim Tailor
Jim Carey
Janne Niinimaa
Jeff Beukeboom
Lance Pitlick

The greatest hockey name of all time, and I say that as an avid Ranger-hater.