Hockey stats

While watching SportsCenter the past few weeks, some friends and I noticed that hockey standings are determined by points. However, none of us could figure out how they came up with the points. I’ve been everywhere looking for an answer, including and and some other sites and no one has an explanation. Can any hockey fans help solve this mystery for me?

2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 1 point for a loss in overtime

2 points for a win
0 points for a loss
1 point for getting to overtime, even if you lose

so the standings are like this:

Wins-Loses-Tie-Overtime Loses (might be wins, can’t remember)

The fourth category was added a year ago when they changed the rules to give a point just for getting to overtime. By having the overtime 4-on-4 and giving a point just for making it to overtime has really made OT exciting. Instead of playing for a tie and a point, they automatically get a point. That way they can go all out and have nothing to lose.

Thank you both very much for your answers. I suppose my next question is why do they just have the OT losses and not the wins?

Actually, never mind…after a few minutes of thought, I figured out the answer to that last idiotic question.